20 days countdown!Beach volleyball ape flashed into Wenchang, Hainan

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The 4th Patrol Video of the Fourth Consumer Fair

  Countdown 20 days

  In order to continuously build preheating and create a fiery atmosphere of everyone’s fragments, and show the style of Hainan’s free trade port construction, the 4th China International Consumer Products Expo (hereinafter referred to as the “Capital Expo”) will hold a countdown warm -up activity on the whole island of Hainan.Essence

  On March 24th, at the 20 days of the opening of the Fourth Expo, the new image of the mascot of the mascot of the Fair came to Wenchang, and walked into Wennan Lao, a local mascot IP coconut baby and Zi Beibei.The street, “Call” for the Expo, and female players who trained with the “National Sports Training Southern Base Hainan Wenchang · Beach Volleyball” to use a passionate beach volleyball event to create an atmosphere for 20 days to count the 20 -day.

Shan Hai Xie Bo

  Hainan Wenchang

  ”City of Aerospace”, “Hometown of Coconuts”, “Volleyball Hometown”

  Shanhai disappears, passion and happiness.Located in Wenchang in eastern Hainan, it has the reputation of the city of aerospace, the hometown of coconut, and the hometown of volleyball, and is full of vitality.China Wenchang Aerospace launches is the youngest aerospace launch site in my country, and it is also the first open coastal space launch base.With the rapid development of my country’s aerospace industry, Wenchang has attracted more and more “people who chase rockets” to experience the sea of ​​stars of Chinese space in coconut wind and sea rhyme.

  With the popularity of mass sports events, Wenchang rural volleyball with a deep mass foundation has infinite enthusiasm, and in 2023, Hainan’s “Village VA” (village volleyball league) held in Wenchang directly drove the local tourism comprehensive income of 280 million yuan.”Village VA” was written into the work report of the Hainan Provincial Government in 2024, becoming a new business card for Wenchang’s “Sports+Cultural Tourism”.

Wenchang · Wennan Old Street


  The “General Plan for the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port” pointed out that vigorously developing tourism and promoting deep integration of tourism and sports.At present, Hainan is creating the National Sports Tourism Demonstration Zone to vigorously promote the development of specialized sports such as water sports and low -altitude flights.It provides great convenience.

  This year, focusing on the fourth image of the fourth Consumer Fair IP new image & mdash; & mdash; “Sports Ape”, which is created by Hainan special sports events such as the beach volleyball, gliding umbrella, surfing, football, bicycle, sailing.The colorful activities lead everyone to appreciate the unique charm of Hainan sports tourism.

Beach Volleyball

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