2024 Chongqing Spring Tourism was launched in the "Origin of Chinese Landscape Peony"

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  China News Service, Chongqing, March 22 (Zhang Xu He Penglei) By the year of the opening season, the city’s Tianxiang welcomed the guests.On the evening of March 21, the opening ceremony of the 2024 Chongqing Spring Tourism Launch Ceremony and the opening ceremony of the Peony Culture Festival in the Putchijiang River was held in the local area. The “Origin of Chinese Landscape Peony” Chongqing Putchjiang was used as an opportunity to integrate peony with culture and investment promotion to promote related related related relatedIndustrial Development.

The picture shows the event site.Photo by reporter He Penglei, a reporter from China News Service

  At the opening ceremony of that night, a centralized signing of the China Merchants Promotion Project in the first quarter of 2024 and the fourth batch of key projects signed by the western smart valve industry base for the Investment Promotion Project Signed 47 projects with a total of 12.6 billion yuan.Food, drugs and agricultural product processing, steam and motorcycle equipment and other industries.

  It is understood that since last year, Jianjiang has made every effort to build the western smart valve industry base.The signing of this time allows the local valve industry to continue to be upgraded.

The data map is the peony.Figures of the Propaganda Department of the Congjiang County Party Committee

  That night, the Chongqing Cultural and Tourism Development Commission also released the best practice case of the Chongqing cultural tourism system in 2023, of which the Peony Culture Festival was selected.

  It is reported that 25 years ago, the first Peony Culture Festival was held to present the peony hidden in the mountains in front of the world.Over the years, the Peony Culture Festival has been held in the local area, which has never stopped.Taking this, the development of the cultural tourism industry in Jiangxian County was in full swing. It was awarded the potential for the development of tourism development in the county.

The picture shows the literary performance at the scene.Photo by reporter He Penglei, a reporter from China News Service

  It is understood that during the Peony Culture Festival this year, the organizer will focus on 11 activities, including the collection and exhibition of peony special poetry, exhibitions, marathon competitions, and Iron Man openings.Related activities will continue until May of this year.

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