45 mainstream media groups in the Yangtze River Delta focus on Liangxi, watching many emerging and future industries such as commercial aerospace and low -altitude economy

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When new quality productive forces encounter a century -old industry and commercial city, what kind of wonderful sparks will it collide?Liangxi District of Wuxi City ushered in a group of heavy “interview groups”.”New Quality Productivity Watch Wuxi” 2024 The mainstream media of the Yangtze River Delta is officially launched at the Sky Industry Exhibition Hall.
This event focuses on the theme of new productive forces, and specially arranges the style of the future industry direction.The purpose is to comprehensively and three -dimensional exploration and practice in Wuxi in the “future layout construction of future industries”, as well as actively striving for demonstration.The reporter visited Liangxi to show many emerging and future industries such as commercial aerospace and low -altitude economy …
Liangxi District vigorously develops a complete industrial chain system that is “building satellites, satellites, and satellites”, focusing on creating three major industrial ecosystems of commercial rockets, satellite manufacturing and applications, and space information applications.Develop new advantages.The commercial rocket ecosystem has landed in key chain main enterprises such as Oriental Space and Tianbing Technology. It has adsorbed 7 industrial chain related enterprises such as Super Star Future, Star Test Future.EssenceAmong them, the total investment of the Oriental Space Industrial Park project is 5 billion yuan to build an aerospace engine R & D center, the assembly testing center, and the high -end manufacturing center equal to the aerospace power headquarters.
Satellite manufacturing and application ecosystems have now realized the full coverage of satellite “high, medium, low -oriented” and “Guide Yaoyao”, and landed in key chain main companies such as Galaxy Aerospace, Micro -Naitian Science and Technology, Ziwei Yutong and other key chainDriving 11 supporting enterprises such as the final cutting -edge and Xingxing Optics Union to form a 10 billion yuan output value.
The space information application ecosystem, relying on the Beidou Xihongqiao base, launched the construction of the long triangle space information digital industry demonstration park in April 2023, and 24 projects such as Cangyu Tianji, Jingji Communication, Cangqiong Technology, and Yaoyao Information. Next yearIn June, the “built is the opening of the park, and the garden is full.”
Liangxi Products Group joined hands with Baidu to create Baidu’s first large model innovation center in the country in Wuxi, the big model innovation center in the country, Baidu Smart Yunwenxin Qianfan Big Model (Wuxi) Innovation Center.This is the first large model innovation center of Baidu’s first privatization area deployment in the country; the center will combine Baidu flying paddle in the world’s second and first open source and open industrial -grade deep learning platform to rely on Baidu’s artificial intelligence technology and ecological resources.Provide an artificial intelligence full -process tool chain, bring accurate intelligent manufacturing solutions to enterprises, and promote the comprehensive upgrade of regional intelligent manufacturing.
The long triangle space information digital industry demonstration park, the total investment of the project is about 1 billion yuan, the total construction area is about 95,000 square meters, cultivating a number of listed companies on science and technology boards, cultivating a group of high -level talents in the leading industrySpecial, undertaking the high -end international forum summit, it is expected that upstream and downstream enterprises with an annual output value of 50 million yuan will be settled in, with an annual tax of over 200 million yuan, and the 10 billion -level space information digital industrial park will be built.
The project exhibition hall is located at the 14th floor of the Science and Technology Innovation Center, 992-1 Tongjiang Avenue, Liangxi District, with an area of ​​1,600 square meters, and the number of physical exhibits exceeds 50 pieces., Enterprise display and other multiple functions, the content covers Beidou satellite navigation system, demonstration park introduction, expert think tank, the development of space information industry, and the service capabilities of the park.Yangtze Evening News Zi Niu Journalist Ding Bo
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