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In the past six months, Zhou Yan, deputy general manager of SAIC -GM’s Wuling Brand Division, the most content on Weibo is reflection.

“How to solve the problem: ask more about the significance of high levels, ask the middle level gap, ask more benchmarking experience, and ask the user’s pain points.”

“Is there a problem with any unit stem from the responsibility?”

After staying in Xiaomi for 7 months, Zhou Ye returned to Laodong’s SAIC -GM Wuling in March 2023, responsible for the comprehensive transformation of new energy in the Baojun brand.

Zhou Yan, who has registered accounts “Zhou Jinkai”, is very active on Weibo. In the past year, his fans have risen from less than 1,000 to 221,000.What “post -85 auto people who” let the world re -understand Wuling “and other classic marketing slogans have been studying how to revive Baojun.

“(20) to the present to the present, Baojun stopped all market fees. Why? Because after the market ‘poisoning’, we think that if the products, the market, and the channels are not right, all of them are in vain.” On March 19, Zhou YanI wrote the latest reflection on Baojun on Weibo.

In fact, Zhou Yan on March 14th on Weibo was basically adjusted for Baojun’s next route: “The Baojun brand returns’ to build a car for the people’s car.The uniqueness looks not so popular. This year, new energy replaces oil vehicles, Chinese brands have risen in an all -round way, and overseas markets are stepping on meteors. This is really a trend. “

In this trend, what is the right rhythm and direction?

Auto business comments learned that Bao Jun’s main strength will be spent on the following two things this year and next.

The first is the product level, the betting treasure hybrid.

This year and next, Baojun will launch 6 new cars including PHEV’s SUV, B -class car, and start in April 2024 to enter the cycle of new cars.

The second is the marketing level, independent marketing and independence of channels, and selects and build Baojun Store in major cities.

Zhou Yan said that Baojun’s franchise is a very complicated and difficult job. “It is very good for the overlap of channels and Wuling. It can sink quickly and quickly. Of course, there are also bad places.wait.”

For the Baojun brand of Zhou Yan and his supervisor, although there is no pressure on the re -creation of Hongguang Mini EV, and it is not necessary to return to the request to sell the peak of millions of vehicles annually in 2017, how can Baojun let SAIC -GM Wuling jump out of the “within 100,000 within 100,000?Invincible, the strange circle of more than 100,000 “is still the heavy responsibility it shoulder.

The feelings of the past

On July 18, 2010, Baojun, a new passenger car brand that SAIC -GM has been raised for many years.At that time, Wuling, who was the king of commodity circulation and cargo micro -car, transformed towards the passenger car market, and the strategy shifted from the construction of a commodity circulation network to allowing users to have a more decent travel third space. Baojun assumed the mission of passenger transformation.Enter SUV and small MPV.

At that time, Baojun was deeply valued by GM and was listed as the fourth largest brand with Cadillac, Buick, Chevrolet in China.

In 7 years, Baojun won more than 2 million car owners in 7 years. In 2017, the sales exceeded millions of vehicles, and the limelight was not two for a while.

The Baojun 730, which was listed in 2014, is the only product of 7 household vehicles within 100,000 yuan. In 2015 and 2016, sales exceeded 300,000 units, ranking first in the market segment; Baojun, which was listed in 2015,560, the large space far exceeding the same level and the more affordable price, the first stage after listing alone rely on a manual gear to create a sales myth of 40,000+ a monthly sales volume.

The Baojun 510 launched in 2017 directly lowered the threshold of the entry -level SUV to less than 60,000 yuan. For the first time, Haval H6 was pulled down the SUV crown throne. The monthly sales volume was approached 60,000.

Under the blessing of Baojun 510, the sales of Wuling’s year also reached the pinnacle of 2.15 million vehicles.Baojun, as the Wuling passenger car brand, also has a history, exceeding 1 million vehicles, and ushered in the highest light moment.

Baojun’s initial market positioning is extremely accurate, mainly for consumers in third- and fourth -tier cities and rural areas, with low prices and practical selling points, which meets the rigid needs of many users.

But soon, the market segments excavated by Baojun ushered in senior players such as Great Wall, Geely, and Changan.

Especially in 2019, with the big price reduction of joint venture car companies and independent brands, Baojun’s low -end market has poured into a large number of products with more novel design, configuration and technology.The comprehensive competitiveness and low prices of competing products have also made Baojun’s “comfort zone” in the past instantly become the red sea of the bayonet.

In 2018, Baojun sold 879,000 units, a year -on -year decrease of 30.7%to 604,000 units in 2019.

Baojun is rushing to high, two years change the standard

2019 is a year for car companies to concentrate on bid replacement.In order to get rid of the negative impression of the “discharge door”, Volkswagen changed the new standard with a more modern and flat design; Geely’s secondary standard changed its original label, and the color was replaced from gold to matte silver, which was more low -key and elegant.

Baojun, who is eager to get rid of the downturn sales and expand the mid -to -high -end market, replaced the head of the horse in the old logo for the first time, emphasizing the sense of technology and intelligence, and directly named the new brand “Xin Baojun”.

Xin Baojun’s logo is like a diamond -shaped gem, high -cold and three -dimensional, and the lines cleverly inherit the previous horse head.

At this time, Baojun assumed the heavy responsibility of Shangtuo mid -to -high -end and marching to the mainstream passenger car market.Chen Hong, the chairman of SAIC Group, once called Baojun, Roewe and MG, and known as the “three -driving carriage” of SAIC’s independent brand.”Xinbaojun” tried to break through the ceiling of 100,000 yuan.

In order to meet the brand renewal, Baojun released a variety of models such as RS-5, RS-3, RC-6 on the basis of the new R platform.Compared with old models, the price range is obvious, with a price range of 70,000 to 130,000 yuan.

It is particularly needed that Xin Baojun took the lead in standarding intelligent networking and intelligent driving technology in the industry, which was the biggest difference between at that time with competing products.

Unfortunately, the Internet -headed intelligent driving and intelligent connected suppliers supported by the mobile phone vehicle network experience. Although it subverted the relatively closed car networking ecosystem in the industry at that time, due to the lack of technical capabilities, it was only based on “useism”.The user pays for Xin Baojun, but the highlights have become slots. The phrase “the three steps ahead are the first martyrs, and the lead in half a step is advanced.”

Wu Lingqian engineer Feng Ling (pseudonym) in January 2023 In the article “Wuling, the last differentiated idealist swordsman on the rivers and lakes” written by the car business review, he has analyzed Baojun’s high failure.

He takes the RC-6 of the new Baojun MPV RM-5 and coupe+the RC-6 of the SUV chassis.If you are not careful, you will fall into the criticism of “niche”.

It is not just that in July 2020, the CCTV 315 “endless gearbox failure”, which was late, was named, and gave Xin Baojun a stick.

At that time, the 7 models of Xinbaojun sold a total of 154,000 vehicles, 8 models of Baojun brand sold 269,000 units, and the total sales of dual -brand sales were 423,000 units.

Baojun’s first prosecution failed.

However, the failure did not dispel Wuling people’s confidence to reshape Xin Baojun.

In 2021, Baojun Kiwi EV was listed on the market, trying to use “fashion” and trend to break through the price shackles of Hongguang Miniev.There are only 7,000 monthly sales. In 2021, Baojun’s sales were 216,000, and in 2022, it continued to plummet to 52,000 units.

Baojun seemed to face life and death again.

On May 9, 2023, after Zhou Yan returned, Bao Jun changed to LOGO and comprehensively entering the new energy track, which was also Bao Jun’s explore of another way of development.

The new car logo will make the three -dimensional diamond -shaped gemstones more flat and two -dimensional.This flat design is very popular in the Internet era, and the logo of many new power car companies also use this style.

This time, Baojun cut Lao Baojun’s product line and unified the logo. At the same time, he borrowed Wuling marketing and product ideas to launch a more basic product with playability and tide, and comprehensively aimed at the young people’s market.

With the new logo, there are two new models: Baojunyue, a small SUV model, and another five compact car Baojun clouds.The former emphasizes younger and personalized, and the latter directly targets BYD dolphins.

Choosing Baojun, who actively breaks the new energy, has a clear strategy. First of all, emphasizes youth and personality, and seize young users, which is also the core of Zhou Yan’s emphasis on many times; secondlyModel.

Unfortunately, selling people.In 2023, Baojun’s sales were 5,1641.

Realistic beating

For the Yue of the positioning of “Tide Play Pure Electric SUV”, Zhou Yan said that there was no pressure on sales.

However, Baojun Cloud, who is benchmarking BYD dolphin and being hoped for the “100,000 new energy market”, failed to kill the Quartet in competitive products.

Baojun Yun Duo opened the blind order on July 28, 2023. It was officially listed on August 10. The four models were priced at 95,800 to 123,800 yuan, and the sales volume of 8 or 9 months did not exceed 2,000 vehicles.BYD dolphin sales in September were 32927, and the difference between the two was more than 20 times.

“Everyone is very concerned about epic cloud -level clouds. Is there an epic level of sales? I will answer honestly here, no.” In the middle of the night on October 8, 2023, Zhou Yan reflected on the market performance of Yun Duo on Weibo.

Zhou Yan’s Weibo comment area, netizens are analyzing the reason why Yun Duo’s poor sales are not good. One is “who can think of dolphins with cash discount”, and the other is “who can think of ID.3 discount to 120,000 yuan”, and the third is “The Baojun brand is slightly weaker, so that the intelligent driving version is within 120,000. “However, another netizen said “Wuling’s ceiling is only 100,000.”

Since its launch at the end of August 2021, the sales of dolphins have risen all the way, and have the BYD brand blessing and time -to -start advantages.At present, dolphins still dominate the A0 -class new energy sedan market.

However, Zhou Yan believes that the difference between cloud and dolphin users is very large. The former is mainly intelligent and male -based family -based family models; the latter is a female -based family schedule.

He believes that the premium of the new energy vehicle brand has not yet been formed. Everyone will have a chance in the next two or three years, and is not as pessimistic about imagination.

After experiencing a highlights with a sales volume of more than one million, it is impossible to pass the trough of several models. Now Zhou Ye recognizes that “in this era of sales is a microphone ‘, personalized, different from the public, it seems different.The reality of not so popular “decided to let the Baojun brand return to the mainstream route of” building a car “.

This probability means that the Baojun brand will turn around at home to fight within 100,000 yuan.

“There may be some inevitable or accidental factors behind the successful models, but we only have to insist on starting from the user’s car scene, insist on doing ‘difficult and correct things’, find the characteristics of differentiated competition behindTo maximize user value, we can achieve continuous subversive innovation and create great products of the epoch -making. “Feng Ling believes.

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