Better cycle of education, technology, and talent

Author: Zhao Chen, Lin Chen (School of Economics and Management of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications)
The General Secretary of the Supreme Leader emphasized when he presided over the eleventh collective study of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee, and emphasized that in accordance with the requirements of new quality productivity, the virtuous cycle of education, technology, and talents should be unlimited to improve the working mechanism of talent training, introduction, use, and reasonable flow.Education, science and technology, and talents are the basic and strategic support of my country’s comprehensive construction of socialist modern countries.Promoting the integration and development of education, technology, and talents, and building a virtuous circle is not only a solid foundation for strengthening the coordinated allocation of resources and promoting the upgrading and iteration of new productivity, but also to open up new tracks in new fields, shape new momentum and new advantages, support new qualityImportant engine of rapid development of productivity.
Met the new requirements for promoting the “Trinity”
New productive productivity is the leading role of innovation, get rid of traditional economic growth methods, productive development paths, and has advanced productivity, high -tech, high -efficiency, high -quality characteristics, and in line with new development concepts.Education is an important foundation for the development of new quality productivity. Technology is the core element of developing new quality productive forces. Talents are the first resource for developing new quality productivity. The three are interlocking and inseparable.The development of new quality productive forces must promote education, technology, and talents to form a strong joint effort, which put forward new and deep requirements for my country’s education, technology, and talent layout.
First, it is required to build a tip of innovative talents with modern education.In order to achieve this goal, on the one hand, it is necessary to effectively connect the development needs of new quality productive forces, and carry out education work with major scientific and technological innovation, especially to cultivate shortage talents in key areas; on the other handOpen up the blocking point of the government, property, and research mechanism, and guide more high -quality talents with innovative potential to participate in innovative practice.
The second is to lead innovation with strategic and leading talents.Man is the undertaking of production practice and technological innovation, and the progress of productivity depends on the development of people in the final analysis.The new quality productivity is important for high -tech, high -efficiency and high quality, and requires higher -quality talents as the first resource to lead scientific and technological innovation and development.By significantly enhanced the leading and supportiveness of high -level top -top talents in scientific and technological innovation in key areas, promote leading talents to solve the practical problems of new quality productivity and key issues, and form a useful interaction between talents and technology.
The third is to drive the development of independent and subversive innovation.New productive productivity emphasizes technological revolutionary breakthroughs, innovative configuration of production factors, and in -depth transformation and upgrading of the industry. To a greater extent, major scientific and technological achievements are combined with many industrial elements, thereby promoting profound changes in productivity.In particular, we must focus on the development of strategic emerging industries such as new energy, new materials, advanced manufacturing, and electronic information, actively cultivate future industries, and use disruptive technology and cutting -edge technologies to give birth to new industries, new models, new models, new models, new models, new models, new models, new models,New kinetic energy.
You need to open up education, technology, and talent cycle blocking points
The new demands put forward by the new productive productive for education, technology, and talents means that the three are the necessity of promoting the three benign cycles of “innovation -driven development, talent leading innovation, and educating talents.”It is necessary to completely change the development model of the past education, science and technology, talents, decentralization, and monocularization, and shape the cycle advantage of each director and its ability.Although my country has made important progress in deepening the comprehensive reform of education and made great progress in the reform of the scientific and technological talent system and mechanism, there are still shortcomings, which hinders my country’s new quality productivity development.
On the one hand, insufficient supply of high -level talents in key areas is the main obstacle to restrict the development of new productive productivity in my country.At this stage, the total number of talents in key areas such as artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing, and new materials in my country has steadily increased. need.According to the “Guide to Manufacturing Talent Development Planning” jointly released by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, by 2025, the gap in the national manufacturing industry will be close to 30 million, with a gap rate of 48 48%.The problems of large number of high -level talents, high introduction, low utilization efficiency, and fast loss of loss still exist.This limits the pace of my country’s major original technological innovation and advanced technological layout to a certain extent.
On the other hand, in recent years, my country has made great progress in the basic research investment and the construction of the scientific research evaluation system. However, it is necessary to quickly cultivate a group of compound talents capable of controlling complex and innovative projects and promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.New productive productivity emphasizes disruptive scientific and technological innovation, and urgently needs to cultivate talents who are proficient in core technology and global concepts and forward -looking thoughts.However, my country’s higher education still has problems such as a single teaching model and the cutting -edge content. Education update speed cannot keep up with the speed of science and technology, resulting in a considerable part of the talents of independent training to directly meet the actual needs of emerging industrial layout and key core technologies.
Vigorously cultivate strategic talents in key areas
Open up education, science and technology, and talent integration, shape a virtuous circle, and vigorously cultivate strategic talents for scientific and technological innovation in key national key areas, which can be made from the following three aspects.
First, based on the requirements of new productivity construction, further promote the reform of the scientific and technological talent institutional mechanism that stimulates innovation and initiative.First of all, further implement the funding system, and leave the decision -making right to distribute scientific research funds and select the technical route to scientific researchers.Secondly, promote the establishment of a layered talent evaluation system, comprehensively consider the evaluation methods such as original representative evaluation, academic community evaluation, task commissioner evaluation, market value evaluation and other evaluation methods, and focus on exploring the long -term and continuous funding mechanism for encouraging basic research.At the same time, simplify the scientific research management process, minimize the interference of scientific research activities, and ensure that talents focus on scientific and technological innovation itself.
The second is to follow the requirements of strategic emerging industries and future industrial development, and build a modern education system for innovative talents.On the one hand, adhere to the objective needs of scientific and technological development as a traction, and encourage educating subjects to accelerate the construction of basic disciplines, interdisciplinary disciplines, and emerging disciplines for major national strategic needs.Explore the cooperation mechanism of universities and enterprises, research institutes, industry institutions, and industry institutions, jointly train talents, and recognize top talents.Top education resources.On the other hand, strive to build the main body of educating people who focus on original innovation, and comprehensively show the important leadership of basic research and major primitive innovation in colleges and universities and research institutes.By accelerating the construction of large -scale scientific installations, establishing basic research centers, and cooperative laboratories, it provides more outstanding talents with platforms for cooperative research and development and high -level results cultivation and transformation, and provides scientific and technological support and services for the construction of a new productivity system.
The third is to focus on the deployment of important talent centers in the world and innovation highland, and open the cross -regional circulation channels of education, technology, and talent elements.Accelerate the establishment of education, technology, and talent resources from high regions to surrounding areas, and take the “East Digital West Calculation” and other regional coordination projects as an important opportunity to encourage sharing educational resources between regions, promote talent “nesting in different places”, establish innovation innovationLiaison teams to build cross -regional circulation channels with high -end human qualifications, convenient social security data, and easy transfer of talents.Through the regional collaboration of education, technology, and talents, the leading role of our talent center and innovation highland, to promote the development of new quality productivity for many places.
Source: Science and Technology Daily

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