Build a diverse and diverse payment environment. The three departments are optimized in the business field payment services

On April 17, the People’s Bank of China, the Ministry of Commerce, and the State Administration of Foreign Exchange issued the “Notice on Further Optimizing Payment Services for Payment Services in the Commercial Field” (hereinafter referred to as the “Notice”), focusing on better satisfaction to the elderly and foreign nationalities.The demand for diversified payment services in the business sector such as those who come to China, and strengthen the cooperation between the competent business departments of various localities and the People’s Bank of China (hereinafter referred to as the “Central Bank”).The environment, optimizing cash use environment, enrichment of mobile payment applications, strengthening the international consumer center city demonstration leadership, strengthening publicity and promotion, etc., strive to improve the multi -level and diversified payment service system, and jointly improve the level of payment services in the business field.

The “Notice” proposes that the local business authorities in various places and the central bank branches have determined large -scale business districts, pedestrian streets, shopping centers, department stores, chain supermarkets and convenience stores, restaurants, tax refund stores, duty -free stores, and other key merchants.Promote key venues and key merchants with necessary software and hardware facilities such as mobile payment, domestic and overseas bank cards, cash, etc. to ensure consumers choose payment methods and tools independently.Accelerate the reconstruction and distribution of the software and hardware of domestic and foreign bank card acceptance equipment.Promote the transformation of automatic withdrawal machines (ATMs) of the banking financial institutions and support the use of domestic and foreign bank cards to withdraw cash.

The “Notice” proposes that the local business authorities in various places will guide retail, catering, accommodation and other industries such as the central bank branches, especially the convenience stores, setting (agricultural) trade markets, vegetable markets, breakfast shops, cosmetic hairdressers, pharmacies and other people’s livelihood fields.The operating entity is well -reserved to meet the needs of consumers’ cash use, and enhance the capacity of cash and payment in the daily consumption field.The central bank branch guides banking financial institutions to help relevant business entities to prepare for cash, and open up small -scale cash cash and coin purse exchanges for the elderly, foreign personnel and other groups.Continue to carry out special rectification work renovation of renovation of RMB.

The “Notice” proposes to promote banking financial institutions, non -bank payment institutions and liquidation institutions to improve mobile payment services, optimize identity information verification mechanisms, and promote the friendliness of registration and mobile payment for the elderly and foreign people to come to China.Convenience.Encourage e -commerce platforms to fully consider the consumer needs of foreign personnel to come to China and improve the online shopping payment experience.

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