Changxing Island’s first one -stop large shopping center before National Day to welcome guests

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Changxing Island’s strong and booming marine equipment industry bases will stand a new landmark of brands.Recently, Shanghai Changxing Sunshine Sky and Earth Investment Promotion Association, which is the theme of “Fengyun Gathering, Changxing Future”, is held in Changxing Island. Before the National Day this year, the first one -stop large shopping center on the island will welcome customers.
The Changxing Sunshine Tiandi Project is located at the intersection of Jiangnan Avenue and Xingkun Road, Changxing Island. It is the first one -stop shopping center on the island. The total commercial area is about 40,000 square meters.Residents and island companies provide a series of supporting services for cultural, commercial, entertainment and leisure, and cover the four major formats of retail, catering, leisure and entertainment, and living services. They will bring more than 60 commercial brands, of which the first store brand in Changxing Island will reach more than 30%.
Dong Xiaolong, general manager of the Changxing Sunshine Tiandi Project, introduced that at present, Changxing Sunshine Tiandi has entered the stage of facade decoration and indoor mechanical and electrical installation. Some main brands such as Wanda Cinema have settled in indoor decoration design to ensure that this year’s National Day opened.
The Changxing Sunshine Tiandi Project is jointly jointly co -organized by Wanyuhui Commercial Management and Shanghai Tong Cheng Changxing Real Estate. It will create a new combination of “four major theme areas + the first special IP immersive food space of the island” to provide consumers with better quality and better quality,Unique consumer experience.
The “fishing port market” on the first floor of Changxing Sunshine World underground will mainly create a characteristic IP of “focusing on the fun of night economy and fishing ground”; the first floor positioning “trendy start” will be located on the boutique supermarket, retail, lifestyle collection stores, and fashionables.Digital, bread roasted, net black tea drinks and other aspects of the introduction of Changxing’s first store; the second floor positions “time beauty”, which focuses on exquisite nourishment and consumption of self -consumption. The representative format is home life, children’s training, beauty SPA, theme catering, retail collectionWait; positioning “ingenuity” on the third floor will introduce rich catering formats such as local cuisine, Japanese and Korean cuisine, and creative hot pot; positioning “fun with fun” on the fourth floor will create a movie theater, script killing, video game city, fusion cuisine, series of cuisines, and the series of vegetables.Business banquet, including diversified entertainment formats.
The project effect map of Changxing Sunshine Tiandi projects brings together about 200,000 permanent population. The appearance of Changxing Sunshine Tiandi will provide a new diversified consumption, leisure, entertainment for Changxing Island Shanghai installation industry workers, resident residents and tourist groups.Good place.Hu Weijun, chairman of Changxing Sunshine Tiandi, said: “Sunshine Tiandi will show the first -class business service image in all directions and enhance the level of consumption of the people of Changxing.The development of the sea industry is of great significance to promote the integration of regional production and cities.
At the launching ceremony of China Merchants, 40 brand representatives including Wanda Cinema, Pizza Hut, KFC, etc. signed a contract.At the event site, a roundtable forum was also held. The Mayor Xingdao Management Committee, the Changxing Industrial Park and the relevant person in charge of the operating entity communicated around the theme of “Changxing Island Industry City Integration”.
Author: Zhang Yongchang Shi Zhen
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