China Resources Hua’s "City of Times" Nanxiang’s bright new market is about to be available, and fashion luxury homes lead the trend life!

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[China Resources Huafa’s “City of Times” Nanxiang’s bright new market is about to be available, and fashion luxury homes lead the trend!] China Resources Huafa, located in Jiading Nanxiang, is about to launch a new number of high -rise and stacked housing houses. The project adopts international leading design to create a unique architectural style and living experience.The stacked villa adopts a three -stage design, while high -rise houses show minimalist lines and modern sense.Community planning is close to the people to build the “Five Good Community” with the goal of meeting the needs of life in 5 minutes.At the same time, the project also attaches great importance to building quality and living facilities, and strives to provide residents with a high -quality living environment.


In Shanghai Nanxiang, the “City of Times” residential project, which is about to launch, has attracted widespread attention with its advanced design and international perspective.This new market not only brings high -rise houses from 89 to 133 square meters and the selection of stacking villas from 130 to 168 square meters. Its design concept is bolder.Architectural temperament.The top -level tower crown design has become a beautiful scenery of the urban Skyrim, which shows the ingenuity of the design team.

This project not only worked hard on the appearance of the building, but also the interior design of the house is also sophisticated.Each apartment contains the ingenuity of the designer to meet the needs of different home buyers.What is even more valuable is that the decoration standard of the project where the project is located must not be less than 2,500 yuan/square meter, which shows the strict requirements of developers for product quality. It is believed that the final delivery of the residential quality will be expected.

“City of Times” is a vibrant community. The surrounding of the project is rich in facilities, including large business districts, schools and medical facilities, and aims to create a perfect life ecosystem.The interior of the community is also committed to building a comfortable and livable environment. From hotel -style home gifts to rich social space, each detail highlights the humanization and high -end positioning of the project.

Editor’s comment:

The “City of Times” perfectly combines China Resources Huafa’s brand image with Nanxiang’s geographical advantages, creating this luxury community that has a modern and convenient life.The design concept of the project reflects the in -depth thinking of the future urban living environment. It not only pays attention to the comfort and beauty of the housing itself, but also pays more attention to the comprehensive experience of living and the creation of quality life.Its launch undoubtedly adds a touch of bright color to the Shanghai residential market, becoming a model project in the city.

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