China -Singapore Health 丨 Treatment of Gastrointestinal and pancreatic Neuroma endocrine Tumor Innovation Drug was approved to conduct phase III clinical research

  China News Service, Beijing, March 26 (Zhang Yan and Zhang Su) Global innovative radioactive nuclear puppet drug (RDC) ITM -11, which is used to treat gastrointestinal pancreatic neuronal endocrine tumors (RDC). Recently, it has been approved by the State Drug AdministrationPhase III Clinical Studies (Compose Research).

  Neurological endocrine tumors are a rare tumor that can occur in many organs and tissues of the whole body, of which the digestive system is the most common.Studies have shown that in recent years, the incidence of GEP -Nets has shown a significant growth trend.Due to the hidden onset, the symptoms are not typical, and have high heterogeneity, the diagnosis and treatment of GEP -Nets is difficult and complex.

  Studies have shown that 177Lu -based peptide radioactor nucleo therapy is superior to high -dose ovetptide (growth ingotin analogy) in the current clinical first -tier use of the current clinical first -tier use of indexes (PFS) and an objective relief rate (ORR).It can bring obvious benefits of patients.

  It is known that compared with the currently commonly used carrier 177lu nuclear products, the 177LU without the carrier has a higher activity and purity, and the long and half -length periods produced during the production process are small, and radiation pollution is small.

  According to R & D people, ITM -11 is an innovative RDC drug based on radioactive nuclear coupling technology targeting the treatment of gastrointestinal pancreatic nerve endocrine tumors (GEP -Nets).There is a considerable application space with the ITM -11 of 177lu without carrier.

  ”ITM -11 has obtained orphan drug qualifications from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Drug Administration (EMA).” The relevant person in charge of Yuanda Pharmaceutical said that China’s clinical joining will greatly promote ITM -11 in ChinaRegister for research and development.

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