Come!Go to Wuhan Tiandi to experience the harmonious fun Paris in the campaign

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On April 20, as one of the important projects of the 18th Sino-French Culture Spring, the “Parisian-Sports Illustration Exhibition in the City” opened in Wuhan Tiandi, leading the audience to appreciate the dynamic passion Paris.

At a human -scale exhibition, a number of well -known French contemporary illustrators created a series of urban sports illustrations to build an interesting and alternative Paris with rich imagination.

As the Paris Olympic Games approached in 2024, the movement penetrated into the lives of the Parisians.

Thomas Penot, Cultural Commissioner of the French Consulate General in the French Consulate General, introduced at the exhibition site:

“Our illustration exhibition this time is a series of works created by many famous illustrators in France. According to sports, a series of works like magazine cover have brought you different feelings.”

It is understood that the poster exhibition changes the scenes in life to exercise. The 110-meter bar on the subway gate, the bump jumping on the roof on the roof of Paris, the surfing of the St. Martin Canal, the rugby competition in the grocery store, the bar in the barFlying disks, swordsmanship of two bakers, weightlifting during shopping, and office trash can basketball, etc., reflect that the sports scene has penetrated into the daily life of the Parisians.

The 42 illustrations created by many well -known contemporary illustrators, artists have transformed into an imaginary impurities cover, paid tribute to sports, and showed Paris in 2024 in a playful and unsuccessful way!

In a series of Parisians’ sports portraits, the audience saw the moment full of humor, differences, and poetic, and felt the broad, united, diverse and joyful sports value.

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