Dior’s new chapter, 2024 autumn and winter new products explore the modern trend

Visual feast of new clothing

Continue to explore Dior MAISON 20124 Autumn and Winter Series

Entering Dior’s exquisite life aesthetics

Design by Maria Garnea Rou Li’s new design

The symbol of the essence and ingenuity of Dior and ingenuity

It’s constantly bursting out new ideas

The finishing touch is a series of good works

Exploring the wonderful picture of Roya Printing

Show the brand with the brand with consistent details

Tribute to Dior’s classic inheritance

New dinner plate

A decorative bowl created by Dior and Longweida

And a vase and dessert disk

The exquisite pottery works are dyed blue

And decorate the animal image with different gestures

Dior Maison

Plan de Paris series new works

Praise the “City of Light” -the beautiful beauty of Paris

Plan de Paris pattern will be this city

The beautiful mark contained in it tells

Stroll in Paris together to appreciate the poetic style of this city

Plan de Paris pattern of beige tone

The first appearance in Maria Garga Kou Li

The launch of Dior’s 2013 spring and summer women’s clothing series release show

This pattern is transformed into an elegant meal cushion

And the clever decoration of the two embroidery cushions

Or select white as the bottom

Put on the plate and dessert discs

Tribute to Paris’s unique charm

Designed by Kodilia Decastland

Dior Maison 2024 Spring and Summer Series

MESSAGE series

The art of life cherished by Dior

With a gentle declaration, a series of new homes in home furnishings

Fasny pure beauty

“Mon Amour” (my beloved)

“Bonne CHANCE” (accompanied by good luck)

“PORTE-BONHEUR” (lucky symbol)

And “Bonne Etoile” (Lucky Star)

Wait for text with blue, red, yellow, purple,

Orange and green and so on

Colorful jumping on dinner plates and glass

Aquarius and elegant napkins

Bringing the atmosphere of joy and love brings smartness to the dining table

Rose’s 4th chapter

Rose Dior Couture series

With vibrant delicate flower buds

Add bright colors to the treasure garden

Bright diamonds embellish it on it

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