Expand Health Consumption Growth Space -Grasp the Fourth Economic Work of the Year of the Year

  This year’s “Government Work Report” proposes to cultivate new types of consumption and implement digital consumption, green consumption, and health consumption promotion policies.Industry insiders pointed out that expanding health consumption will bring new development momentum to the industry and help consumption upgrades.

  Consumption growth highlights the highlights

  In recent years, with the improvement of living standards and changes in lifestyle, people’s demand for health is changing from a single medical service demand to the diversified demand such as disease prevention, health promotion, and health care. Health consumption has become a major consumption growth in my country. Highlights.Taking the Spring Festival holiday as an example, the “healthy annual goods” consumption achieved rapid growth.According to Meituan’s medicine, the popularity of the live broadcast room during the Spring Festival increased by 2.5 times month -on -month, and the order volume of “Healthy New Year” Wandian live broadcast activities increased by 127%month -on -month.”The” Healthy Year ‘is a popular keyword in the Spring Festival in recent years. On the whole, health products have shown a trend of just demand, normalization, and personalization. “Meituan said the person in charge of buying medicines.

  The improvement of people’s health awareness is an important driving force for health consumption.Related data shows that health management behaviors that are not suffering from the main purpose of the main purpose become the mainstream trend: 47%of the respondents will reserve drugs in advance, hoarding medicines/finishing home medicine boxes, and 38%of respondents will take nutritional supplements36%of the respondents will use household medical devices.Most consumers take health management measures with a planning mentality and attach importance to “prevention of disease”.

  In the boom of health consumption, the age span of consumers has continued to expand, and more young people have joined the ranks of health consumption. “Health” has changed from the main choice of middle -aged and elderly groups to the three generations of old and middle -aged.”Statistics of Tmall’s Health in 2023 shows that after the ’90s ‘bought 45%of the liver protection tablets, the after -195s’ purchased 3 kinds of health products per capita.” Zhang Qi, head of the health product industry in Ali Health Platform, introducedThe diversified consumer group will provide broad development space for the healthy consumer market.

  Accurately grasp the industry’s outlet

  ”At present, the state clearly advocates and actively encourages health consumption, will promote the construction of healthy China to a new level, promote the health industry and consumption ‘double upgrade’, and build a healthy and virtuous cycle chain.” Xu Haoyu, chairman of Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical Group, said, “” The “Healthy China 2030” Planning Outline clearly states that providing policy support for various health industries will reach 16 trillion yuan in the total scale of my country’s health service industry by 2030.The “Fourteenth Five -Year Plan” National Health Plan proposes the goal of not less than 11.5 trillion yuan in the total scale of the health service industry by 2025, and has deployed the task of work and strengthening the health industry.”With the support of multiple favorable factors, health consumption potential will be further released and become an important engine of future economic development.”

  Facing the new trend and characteristics of the health consumption field, the industry needs to be based on the layout of the large health industry to meet the needs of health consumption with high quality.Industry insiders believe that enterprises should speed up product research and development innovation and change, and provide consumers with customized health products and services more accurately.Accelerate new products such as sports fitness, health home, intelligent wearable wearables, and further use advanced technologies such as AI, big data, 5G to empower large health industries, and promote the development of new formats such as online diagnosis and remote medical care.In addition, with the help of modern production methods and business models such as new technologies and new economy, we must match more new scenes of health consumption and expand the supply of products and services.

  ”With the continuous deepening of the globalization trend, countries’ cooperation in the field of health is also closer. We must deeply understand and grasp the country’s attention and expectations for health consumption from a wider global perspective.” Xu Haoyu said that it is necessaryDeep integration of the health industry chain.”Especially in the field of pharmaceuticals, we must aim at the level of internationalization, gather outstanding talents at home and abroad, and accelerate the research and development of domestic innovative drugs and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.”

  Form an industrial synergy effect

  ”Promoting health consumption is a strong support for steady growth, expanding domestic demand, and building a strong support for the establishment of a new development pattern. It is an important way for excellent structure and powerful energy to promote high -quality development. Looking at the future, it is necessary to make a stronger and strong consumer market. Communist governance. “Tian Youzhong, a researcher at the Global Healthy Development Research Institute of Peking University, said that there is still a gap between my country’s large health industry and some countries. In the critical period of accelerating the development of economic transformation, all parties need to promote the joint efforts from extension to refined management. Industry upgrades encourage multi -form cooperation in upstream and downstream enterprises, cross -industry and other forms to create a cluster development model for large health industries and form an industrial synergy effect.

  Experts suggest that relevant departments will increase support for basic public services related to health consumption, optimize the health consumption development environment, focus on breaking policy barriers, standardize industry order, introduce a series of policies that promote the development of healthy industriesBalanced development.In addition, we must carry out statistical analysis and monitoring of health consumption, formulate standards for the health consumption industry, strengthen online and offline health consumer market supervision, promote assured consumption actions, severely crack down on illegal acts such as false publicity, counterfeiting, fake and fake sales.

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