Experts: Smooth sports should avoid these misunderstandings

In spring to summer, the temperature is suitable. There are more and more elderly people in the park and the streets, but many people have a misunderstanding of movement.In response, the reporter interviewed Zhang Lijie, director of the Elderly Health Management Institute of the Shenyang Disease Control and Prevention Center of Liaoning Province.

The longer the exercise time, the better the effect?Zhang Lijie said that extending the exercise time can increase energy consumption, which has certain benefits for the elderly who need to control weight, but unlimited extension exercise time will increase the risk of bone joints and muscle injury during exercise.The laws of 60 minutes and 3 to 5 days a week are more suitable. “

Is the stronger exercise, the more healthy?Zhang Lijie suggested that for the elderly who have sedentary and merged multiple chronic diseases, they can gradually increase to medium exercise intensity under the guidance of a doctor; if the elderly who do not have exercise habits do more intensive exercise, it will increase cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events.risk.

Is “one -inch one inch, a long -term long -term” is true?Zhang Lijie believes that the length of the so -called “tendon” reflects the individual flexibility and weakness.Maintaining good flexibility for the elderly can reduce the risk of exercise damage, but excessive “pulling” can cause muscle and tendon damage. “When the elderly perform flexible exercises, they should avoid bomb -type stretching.Tight, keep each action for 30 seconds. “

“In addition to controlling exercise time and intensity, the elderly should also choose a suitable way of exercise. For example, you can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, relieve and improve constipation by slowing down; you can adhere to Tai Chi for a long time, do eight -stage brocade, and improve the internal circulation of the body, To relieve chronic diseases; you can dance square dance, enhance memory, and improve physical coordination. “Zhang Lijie said.

In addition, Zhang Lijie reminded that the elderly should fully prepare and organize activities before and after the exercise of the elderly, so that the body can better adapt to exercise, prevent hypotension after exercise, and reduce the risk of exercise damage.

source Xinhua News Agency | Author Gao Shuang

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