Fantasy Football’s Biggest Failure: When Hope Turns to Heartbreak

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In the world of fantasy soccer, there’s nothing like snagging a one-hit wonder candidate. But what about the flip side? Drafting or trading for a player you believe in only to watch them stumble? That’s just agonizing. Here’s our little-known list of the season’s biggest busts who turned hope into heartbreak.

Fantasy Football’s Biggest Failure: When Hope Turns to Heartbreak

No injury excuses here:

This is not a reference to unfortunate players who spent most of the season on injured reserve. Players like Aaron Rodgers, Nick Chubb and J.K. Dobbins deserve sympathy, not contempt. Let’s take a look at five otherwise healthy players who have left fantasy rosters in tatters.

Blowout No. 1: Alexander Matheson (RB, Minnesota Vikings)

When the Vikings sent Dalvin Cook packing, Matheson seemed on track to be a steal among fantasy players. But that “steal” proved to be offset. He averaged just 4 yards per carry, and incredibly, he didn’t score a touchdown all season. Speaking of underperforming! The Vikings have noticed this as well, as they’ve increasingly favored Ty Chandler in their playoff push. Ouch.

More failures to come.

Matteson is just the first stop on our “blowout tour.” Fantasy fans, buckle up because we have four other disappointing players waiting to be revealed. We’ll dissect why their seasons fell apart, leaving rosters and hopes in the dust. So grab your fantasy draft boards (metaphorically speaking at this point) and let’s mourn the players who crushed our dreams in 2023.

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