"Fashion Industry Big Coffee" talks about non -heritage fashion innovation

  On the morning of May 7, by Keqiao DistrictChina Light TextileThe non -heritage fashion innovation salon jointly sponsored by the Construction Management Committee and the China Clothing Culture Center of Taiwan Furen University was held in the living room of CBD8, CBD8, Keqiao.Essence

  In recent years, textile non -heritage has developed a multi -dimensional innovation model for integrating brand, creating IP, introducing technology, and moving towards fashion, and has gradually opened a new situation of multi -element collision.At the event site, around the topic of non -heritage, He Zhaohua, Dean of the School of Farter and Clothing of Fairen University in Taiwan, decoded the mystery of the pattern of the pattern of the Miao clothing and patterns of Qingshui River in Guizhou; Feng San San, a fashion designer, and a well -known media person, cultural relics, cultural relics, cultural relicsThe collection researcher Li Nianzu shared the non -heritage design and cultural and creative thinking.

  In addition, in order to further condense the new force and promote the creativity, innovation, entrepreneurial exchanges and cooperation of young designers, the event also starts the two topics of how to activate non -heritage elements to promote young innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities and improve new productive productivity in the textile and fashion industry.The round table will “.”I hope that the platform is the media to allow more young designers of the fashion industry to have more space for creative display to be the future textile industryUpgradeThe creation of the new brand is injected into ‘old taste’ and ‘new vitality’.”Xingchuangxiang International Designer Platform Master Cai Peihua said.

  From May 6th to 8th, the 2024 Shaoxing International Clothing Supply Chain Expo was held at the Shaoxing International Convention and Exhibition Center. More than 100 strength exhibitors from home and abroad gathered together to bring more than 30,000 high -quality exhibits.Fashion gathers.

  It is reported that there are more than 220 booths in this expo, with an exhibition area of more than 4,000 square meters. There are 6 major exhibition areas of high -quality design areas, men’s clothing areas, accessories areas, women’s clothing areas, fashion shows, and business docking areas to interpret diverse charm.Among them, the design area introduces excellent designer resources, shows excellent design works, and gather creativityTalent, Show the presenttrendAnd cutting -edge design.

  On the first day of the exhibition, a big show gathered creative and personality.The “Fashion Shaoxing Publishing Show” created by brands such as China Good Design, Shanghai Hyun Ran, Hunting Monster, Kim Nuo, Maxson and other brands, and a fashion Shaoxing heritage.

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