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The World Health Organization announced that lazy exercise has become the fourth largest risk risk factor in the world.But as an ordinary office worker, in the life of nine to six every day, almost all spent in the seat of the office. The exercise time may be the few minutes to the bus station … But!Exercise is not simply letting the body move. At each age, there are “best exercises”, come and get the secret!

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If you want to find a training method that suits you, first of all, we need to figure out that there is actually a pyramid in exercise. It distinguishes five sports categories according to the intensity of exercise.

the first sort

Basic physical activity

Our usual climbing stairs, housework, shopping, walking dogs, etc. are the first categories.This type of exercise is moderate, so it can be carried out every day. It can reach 30 minutes. Even effective exercise. Of course, if you are willing to move, we are very supportive.

Second category

Stretching exercises

This category includes soft gymnastics, yoga, stretching movements, etc.When doing these exercises, if you feel your body stretching, it is a moderate strength.The stretching exercise can last for about 30 seconds for each action, and each action can be done 6 to 10 times.

Third category

Aerobic+Leisure Sports

Fitness friends will definitely be familiar with this kind of movement. It includes medium -sized activities such as swimming, climbing, jogging, and ball movement.This type of exercise is known as “fat star”!However, it takes more than 20 minutes to achieve the effect of fat loss.

Fourth category


Including semi -squats, squats, sit -up sitting, flat support, etc., such sports are commonly known as anaerobic exercise.Its exercise intensity slightly exceeds the load of our muscles, so there may be symptoms of muscle soreness after exercise. This kind of exercise can promote the production of our muscles and be the best way to improve our basic metabolic ability.

Fifth category

Static activity

Including sitting in the office, watching TV, playing games, reading and so on.The intensity of this type of movement is minimal, so it is necessary to minimize or shorten the length of static activity, and walk around for an hour, otherwise it will increase the risk of chronic diseases.

After clearing the sports pyramid, let’s talk about how these sports forms should be arranged reasonably to be suitable for people of different ages.

Best exercise of different ages

6-17 years old

People of this age need to focus on strengthening the muscles and bones of our bodies.

Because this is an important stage for shaping our shape and bones, you can choose to focus on medium and high -strength exercises to assist some strength training. It is recommended to exercise every day ≥60 minutes and do high -intensity exercise at least 3 days a week.

Recommended exercise

Semicables such as jogging and riding bicycles; high -intensity exercise such as skipping rope, various balls, swimming, and other high -strength exercises; rock climbing, push -ups, and sit -ups and other forces training.

18-64 years old

At this stage, the strength of exercise is unchanged but requires gradually increasing the amount of exercise, and at least 150 minutes per week in strength aerobic exercise or 75 minutes of high -strength aerobic exercise, and the strength training of full body muscles for more than 2 days.

Unfortunately, nearly 80%of Chinese adults have not reached the amount of exercise they should have.

Recommended exercise

High -intensity exercise such as running, swimming, and communication dance; high -intensity exercise such as running, aerobic exercise, and fast cycling; elastic band training, pull -ups, and sit -ups and other strength training.

Over 65 years old

After the age of 65, you need to choose the form of exercise with caution. At this time, the body will be more or less due to some chronic diseases and cannot adapt to different forms of similar strengths.

Recommended exercise

Walking, dancing, cycling, jogging and other medium -strength exercises, and strength training can choose dumbbells, gardening, yoga, Tai Chi, etc.

For office workers who can’t move for a long time, exercise is really necessary!But our body is a magical body. Although the exercise is good, we cannot do it blindly. We must also remind everyone about some precautions for exercise!



The difference between men’s and women’s movement

For women, any exercise must follow the principle of simplicity into difficulty and step by step, and choose an appropriate amount of exercise to shape a wonderful shape and improve physical fitness.Not greedy.Especially when doing strength training, you must do more force, and you must remember to stretch it after exercise!

For men, it is more important to control the strength of exercise. It is not to drink a lot of alcohol and smoke immediately after exercise!Otherwise, the burden on heart and blood circulation will be added.


Differences of weather exercise

When the weather is cold, first of all, we must keep warm and keep a warm -up preparation for subsequent exercise. Finally, I suggest that you try not to perform outdoor activities in winter in winter. The weather in winter is poor.Essence

When the weather is hot, human physical energy consumption will be relatively large. At this time, exercise can easily cause too low blood sugar and excessive exercise. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone exercise gradual exercise.

Secondly, in the summer exercise, it is highly recommended that you add some saline after exercise.If the weather is hot to 35 ° C, you still want to exercise very much, then swimming is a very good choice!


People who are not suitable for strenuous exercise

For some people, exercise is harmful and unprofitable, including heart disease, respiratory disease, bone sclerosis, severe anemia, brain disease, ear disease, lung disease, epilepsy and other peopleEssence

Because excessive exercise can lead to too high heart rate, it is impossible to provide sufficient energy for the body in time, so the above people must be extra careful!


Other exercise precautions

Do not exercise when you are full, it is best to exercise 2 hours after meals.Before exercise, fully warm -up preparation should be made instead of entering the state of exercise directly, otherwise muscle strain and injury are prone to occur.

After the end of the exercise, it must be left for full stretching.At the same time, do not violently quench thirst after the exercise, take a small amount of intake, and then slowly stop exercise. If the heart rate returns to normal for a period of time, take a bath and rest.

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