Guzhuang Primary School, Liu Jizhong, Guzhen County, actively carried out the theme education of dual support

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  Recently, Guzhuang Middle School of Guzhen County, Guzhuang Elementary School, has launched a double -supporting educational activity in the sixth grade. It aims to promote the glorious tradition of supporting the universities and the people of the people, and to enhance the students’ national defense consciousness and social responsibility.

  During the event, the school carefully organized a variety of educational content.First of all, let students understand the heroic deeds of soldiers and the importance of national defense construction.Then, the students attended the theme class meeting and conducted a warm discussion on how they practiced the spirit of the double support in actual life.Everyone said that we must start with small things, care about soldiers, respect soldiers, and contribute to the security and development of the country.

  Through this activity, students have a deeper understanding of the spirit of Shuangluo.They have stated that they must internalize the spirit of double support in their hearts, externalize, and practice this glorious tradition with practical actions.At the same time, this activity also enhanced students’ national awareness and social responsibility, and laid a solid foundation for their healthy growth.

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