High -quality development symposium in Yangzhou health food industry is held

With the improvement of consumers’ health awareness, young people are more and more concerned about health. Various health foods have become “standard” for running a table and bedside.A few days ago, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau held a symposium on the high -quality development of the city’s health food industry. The government -enterprise coordinated and the group strategies to jointly promote the high -quality development of the city’s health food industry.

“Since 1996, we have extracted methalums from shrimp and crabs, and then processed into ammonia, shells and other products. At present, it has become a many well -known food nutrition suppliers in foreign countries abroad.”Zhang Chao, chairman and general manager of Biotechnology Co., Ltd., introduced that ammonia sugar is called “joint food” and has a certain effect on the treatment of osteo -joint disease.”With the growth of domestic health food demand and the transformation of enterprise development, we hope to cooperate with relevant companies to expand the domestic market.”

At the symposium, a number of health food manufacturers put forward opinions and suggestions on insufficient product R & D innovation, poor sales channels, shortage of professional talents, and difficulty in applying for production permits.In response to the issues raised by the enterprise, the municipal market supervision department stated that the classification and disposal of the list will be formed one by one.Enterprises apply for new products to adapt to market demand and industrial development situation.

The health industry is one of the important industrial clusters in our city.In recent years, the municipal market supervision department has carried out a series of tasks on special food industries such as health food, such as the “special food” regulatory service platform around the municipal and county market supervision departments and the city’s special food manufacturers.Relying on the platform, the establishment of a service enterprise “think tank” to further unblock the contact channels between the regulatory authorities and the enterprise, and improve the timeliness and convenience to respond to the demands of the enterprise.

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