How can practitioners avoid occupational health injuries?Official answer

CCTV Beijing April 25th (Reporter Lei Yan) From April 25th to May 1st is the 22nd National “Professional Disease Prevention Law” publicity week.EssenceHow to protect their rights and interests in their own work and avoid vocational health injuries?At the meeting, Sun Xin, the director of the Professional Health and Poison Control Institute of the China Disease Prevention and Control Center, gave answers.
“Professional health rights are the most basic health rights of workers.” Sun Xin introduced that occupational workers enjoyed the rights of occupational health protection, accepting occupational health education and training, receiving regular occupational health inspections, occupational disease diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.
How can practitioners avoid occupational damage?Sun Xin believes that, first of all, the employer must fulfill several duties: First, to perform the contract notification, when the employer has occupational disease hazards, signing a labor contract with the workers, and in the labor contractWhat occupational disease hazards and consequences, including protection facilities and other guarantees, this is to first perform the contract notification.Second, we must fulfill the warning notification.If there are occupational disease hazards in the workplace, it is necessary to indicate in the workplace and positions and equipment in the obvious position in the form of graphic or warning.Emergency treatment measures.
In addition, employers with occupational disease hazards shall regularly organize employees who are in contact with occupational disease hazards to conduct occupational health examinations.Sun Xin emphasized, “There are several stages of this. Before the job, during the post, and the time of departure, including some emergency accidents, our workers are in contact with occupational disease hazards.There are some long -term health damage, and you should be checked for departure. “
If there is an occupational disease hazard, it is necessary to conduct testing and evaluation regularly, inform the workers in writing, and inform them in the bulletin board.Sun Xin pointed out that employers with occupational disease hazards should provide workers with individual protective supplies that meet national standards, including protective masks and earplugs.In addition, once a suspected occupational or occupational disease occurs, the employer is responsible for organizing occupational patients for diagnosis and identification, including subsequent treatment rehabilitation.
During the labor process, the workers should strictly abide by the safety operation regulations. If the employer managers obviously violate the regulations and make the adventure operations, the workers have the right to propose to criticize the report and sue.
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