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  The 2024 Wuhan Marathon will start at the intersection of Sanyang, along the River Avenue at 7:30 on March 24, attracting 30,000 horse racers to participate.How to run healthy?Before the game, a reporter from the Yangtze River Daily interviewed 4 doctors. They used their own horse race experience to focus on the “Health Marathon”.

  Xu Delong, a doctor of rehabilitation medical at Wuhan Fourth Hospital:

  ”You can eat a large bowl of hot dry noodles before the breakfast”

  Xu Delong participated in the medals obtained from the marathon in the past.

  Xu Delong began a long -distance running movement since 2016 and signed the whole Malaysia this year.He told reporters that the marathon is a long -distance aerobic endurance movement, and 42 kilometers have very high requirements for the energy supply of the body.Whether it is a professional marathon or an ordinary marathon enthusiast, you can only complete the game safely and smoothly by ensuring that the body has sufficient energy and material reserves before the game.

  ”Whether the glycogen reserve is sufficient is one of the important factors that can complete the whole process.” Xu Delong explained that the energy supply characteristics of the marathon are based on the aerobic energy supply of sugar, and the sugar is the main energy supply substance in exercise.Unlike fat reserves, the sugar reserves in the body have a certain limit. To increase the sugar reserve, you must first consume the sugar of the body reserve, and then use a scientific dietary replenishment method to use the excess recovery process to make the body before the game.The sugar reserve reached its peak.

  Xu Delong performed a medium -length jogging one week before the game, about 20 kilometers, and did this to consume glycogen.”You must not be overly, otherwise your body will be very tired. A few days before the game is mainly rest.” Xu Delong said that after reducing glycogen reserve through exercise, according to the excessive recovery of exercise physiologyIn addition to the staple food, you can also supplement some high sugar content, candy, bread, fruits, etc.

  He specially suggested the hot dry noodles.”On the day of the game, even breakfast can eat hot noodles a few days before the game.” Xu Delong said that many representative breakfasts in Wuhan, such as glutinous rice dubbing, are high -carbon and high -calorie foods, but they are not as easy to digest as hot as hot dry noodles.

  However, the role of “eating right” is to make the body good energy and material reserves.Whether you can run the whole course still depends on ordinary scientific training.”It’s like fighting, grain and grass reserve is one aspect, but the combat ability is the most critical.”

  Xu Delong predicted that he had no problem in the first 30 kilometers. In the last ten kilometers, he might “walk around.””It doesn’t matter if you can run up, the important thing is to enjoy the process.”

  Gan Wenyuan, a doctor of nephrologists in Wuhan Central Hospital:

  ”I ran for half a year, and the fatty liver has gone.”

  Gan Wenyuan was in the Wuchang Ancient City Marathon in 2023.

  ”I started running in 2021 because of the detection of fatty liver, hyperlipidemia, and increased blood pressure.” Gan Wenyuan, 37, laughed at himself. Although he was not old, blood pressure and blood lipids came up.In order to lose weight and reduce fat.

  For the first time, Gan Wenyuan ran only 4 kilometers.Slowly, 5 kilometers, 10 kilometers … After checking it in half a year, fatty liver and hyperlipidemia are gone, and running Gan Wenyuan also fell in love with the running sport.

  ”In order to persist, I set my goal for myself, and I went to the half -horsepower to a total of 1,000 kilometers.” In 2023, Gan Wenyuan participated in the half horse.After half a horse, he decided to participate in the whole Malaysia when the cumulative running volume reached 2000 kilometers.

  This year, Gan Wenyuan’s running volume reached 2,000 kilometers, and he signed up and signed the whole Malaysia.He was very confident in running: “Don’t be serious about the horse race, just run slowly, walk around without running, walk through the strength, and run again.”

  Gan Wenyuan’s wife, Ms. Lu, is a cycling enthusiast. Gan Wenyuan runs twice or three times a week, and Ms. Lu ride to accompany him.The couple departed along the Wuchang River Beach. Gan Wenyuan ran. Ms. Lu rode a bike. The end point was the Yangtze River Bridge. Please drink coffee.”Generally, she lost.”

  Zhu Lan, chief physician of the Department of Organ Transplantation, Affiliated to Huazhong University of Science and Technology:

  ”Pay attention to the help signal sent by your body when running” “

  In 2019, Zhu Lan participated in the Wuhan Marathon women’s half horse for the third time.

  Zhu Lan has been running enthusiasts since middle school. She has won the top three at 400 meters and 800 meters of the school sports meeting.In 2016, she participated in the Houguan Lake Half Marathon and ran through the complete journey.

  ”This is the first time I have run a half horse, and I have finished it, and gave me a lot of confidence.” Zhu Lan said that since 2017, she has participated in the half -horses for three consecutive years. Last year, she wanted to challenge the whole Malaysia because of workThe busy training was insufficient and gave up.

  Zhu Lan is still a half horse this year.”Don’t challenge your physical limits. Running is to exercise your body. Don’t be upside down.” Zhu Lan said that there is a sign before the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents and exercise damage.Pay attention to any changes in heart rate or muscle.

  For example, the heart rate is abnormal and irregular, and feels short of breathing or chest pain. These phenomena are that the body is telling you that you need to slow down or stop the horse race, and you need to seek medical treatment if necessary.Another example is muscle spasm during running. This is caused by dehydration, electrolyte imbalance or excessive force. At this time, you should slow down or stop running, stretch your body and replenish water.

  ”In terms of muscles, if you feel very sharp pain, or the pain always appears in the same place, it will swell or red, and you must stop at this time.” Zhu Lan said, do not cling to “running” orIgnore the signal sent by the body due to the pursuit of grades.

  Wang Wei, deputy chief physician of the orthopedic department of Wuhan Fourth Hospital (Changqing Hospital):

  ”The more fully exercise, the faster recovery after the game”

  Wang Wei in the Marathon of the Wuchang Ancient City Marathon in 2023.

  Wang Wei started running since 2015. He ran the first half of the horse in the first half of 2019, and ran the whole Malaysia in the second half of the year. This year, he challenged the whole Malaysia.He said that many runners asked him how to restore his body as soon as possible after the game.But in fact, the more you usually exercise, the faster the recovery, and it has little to do with it.

  ”Completing the whole Malaysia, the accumulation of running is more important. 100 kilometers per month is the basis.” Wang Wei said that running must be regular, healthy, and persistent.Novice Xiaobai is recommended to start 3-4 times a week and 30-40 minutes each time.Don’t rest well, stay up late, drink, catch a cold, physical discomfort, etc. Don’t run.Putting on shoes and running, the road running is better than a treadmill, and the treadmill is only supplemented by the rain.

  There are many indicators skills in running, steps, stakes, pace, respiratory rhythm, hip, swing arm, etc.Wang Wei suggested that focusing on the heart rate, running is the running rate, 120-150 times/minute.The heart rate is too fast, it is a alarm bell with physical discomfort; the heart rate is too slow and no effect.

  As an orthopedician, he suggested that the injury of the osteo joint exercise system must be avoided as much as possible. The injury will be delayed for a long time, and it has a great impact. Some may not be able to recover.”Running for a lifetime without injury, I think it should be the highest pursuit of all runners.” Wang Wei said that to achieve this goal, one is warm -up, you can do warm -up exercises, do not have time starting from jogging, run 2 —Slowly speed up after 3 kilometers.After running 10-15 kilometers, just stretch it simply. More than 20 kilometers must be stretched seriously, at least 10 minutes.In addition, do not take a shower immediately after running, especially cold baths and cold drinks.At least wait for the heart rate to slowly recover and take a bath.

  ”Moisturizing and energy electrolytes must be started half an hour before running, and the sewing stations must be supplemented halfway.” Wang Wei reminded.In the end, he believed that the most important point was to slow down and stop in the middle of the running.

  (Changjiang Daily reporter Wang Kaining Correspondent Gao Xing Ma Yaoyao Changyu)

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