Is the more exercise more effective?Learn moderately, good for physical and mental health, excessive harm or greater

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With the rise of fitness fever, more and more people have joined the ranks of fitness.People tosportsThe effect of the effect is getting higher and higher, I hope to passsportsComelose weight, Shape, gethealthyAnd happiness.sportsThe benefits of naturally cannot be ignored. It can help us regulate emotions, relieve stress, and strengthen the bodyEnhance immunityLet us stay away from the disease and keep our bodyhealthyEssenceHowever, exercise does not happen overnight, you need to persist for a long time and pay attention to moderate.oversportsNot only to the bodyhealthyIt is not beneficial and may even bring negative damage.

1. Anemia: ExcessivesportsIt will causesportsDecreased ability, reduced physical response, and even anemia symptoms.Long -term excessivesportsincreasedsportsThe incidence of sexual anemia,Iron deficiency anemiaIt can cause dizziness, constipation, depression and other issues.

Extension: ExcessivesportsIt will allow the body to operate overload, and over time, it will lead toBody Functiondecline.This is why it is fiercesportsIn the process,sportsThose will have a panting and mental state.Iron deficiency anemiaIt is a commonsportsSexual anemia, due tosportsDuring the processIron,lackIronIt will causeRed blood cellThe quantity and quality declineLack of qi and blood,causesportsSexual anemia.This anemia will reduce the reaction ability of the body,sportsThe weakening of elasticity and balance can also cause a series of discomfort such as dizziness, constipation, depression, etc., and give the bodyhealthyHave a negative impact.

2. Extra heart burden: ExcessivesportsIt will cause the heart burden to increase, and in severe cases, it may cause acute ischemia or evenCardiac arrestEssenceIn addition, it will also affect the cerebral blood flow and endanger lifehealthyEssence

Extension: For most people, the professional knowledge about fitness is relatively scarce and often cannot control it reasonablysportsstrength.oncesportsSuper load will cause major damage to the circulatory system of the heart.When the human body performs high intensitysportsAt the same time, the heart needs a lot of blood and oxygen supply.If the heart cannot be supplied in time, acute ischemia orCardiac arrestThe situation may even cause cerebral blood flow interruption and give lifehealthyBring a serious threat.

3. Cause physical injury: ExcessivesportsIt will causemuscleorganizestrain,,muscleSwelling and pain, inconvenient action.At the same time, it may also cause joint wear and damage of joints, leading to decline in joint function and action disorders.

Extension: Long -term excessivesportsIt will make the partial partmuscleOrganization is damaged, resulting inmuscleSwelling and pain, loss of normal action.ExcessivesportsIt may also damage the joint parts, resulting in a decrease in joint function, and even the joints cannot move and walk normally.This situation is common in a large number of high impactssportsOr the crowd of weight training, especiallysportsThe posture is wrong or lacks proper rest.

4. Impactendocrine:oversportsInhibitoryEndocrine SystemThe normal function of the body leads to physical fatigue, poor recovery, and even cramps.

Extension: ExcessivesportsIt will suppress the pituitary gland, which will affecthormoneThe secretion leads to the decrease in physical fatigue, the decrease in recovery ability, and even cramps.Mental pituitary gland is regulating our bodyhormoneEmphasis of secretionorganIf excessivesportsIt will cause brain pituitary activity to be suppressed, which will further affecthormoneThe secretion leads to physical fatigue.

5. Reduce physical immunity: ExcessivesportsIt will cause the body’s defense system to decrease, reduce immunity, and increase the chance of physical injury.

Extension: Immunity is very important for our body, it can improve our physical fitness and prevent disease.ModeratesportsCanEnhance immunity, ButsportsWhen it exceeds the scope of the body’s tolerance, the immune system will be suppressed to a certain extent, resulting in a decline in immunity.This will increase the chance of physical injury, so that excessivesportsYou have to lose.

Although the exercise is good, pay attention to the amount.AppropriatesportsFor your body and mindhealthyIt has a positive role in promoting, which can improve psychological state and enhance physique.appropriatesportsCan help us release stress, enhance cardiopulmonary function, and improve physical fitness.And moderatesportsIt can also improveSleepQuality, improveSleepEffect.At the same time, moderatesportsIt also helps to reduce obesity and reduce sufferingschronicrisks of.

sportsforPsychological healthThe benefits have been widely studied.AppropriatesportsCan adjust the bodyhormoneSecretion helps us relieve bad emotions such as stress, anxiety and depression.sportsAt the same time, the body will secrete a large amountEndorphinThis is a natural “happy hormone” that can improve our mood.In addition, moderatesportsIt can also promote blood circulation, increase brain oxygen supply, and enhance attention and memory.

The correct exercise posture and methods are very important.We should formulate the one that suits us according to our physical condition and goalssportsPlan and insportsPay attention to step by step in the process, and increase strength and duration moderately.At the same time, pay attention to obeying the feedback and signals of the body, when you feel that your body is not adjusted in time in timesportsQuantitative andsportsStrong, avoid excessivesportsEssence

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