Jinan City held 2024 National Elementary and Secondary Students Safety Education Day Education Day Earthquake Education Safety Education Activities

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Qilu.com · Lightning News March 25th News (Ding Yu, a reporter from Shandong Economic Broadcasting) March 25 is the 29th National Elementary and Middle School Safety Education Day.In order to vigorously promote the popularization of the education of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction safety in primary and secondary schools, and promote standardizing the school earthquake emergency avoidance drills, Jinan Seismic Monitoring Center, Municipal Education Bureau, Municipal Central Government, District Education and Sports Bureau, District Emergency Bureau and other departmentsRun School organizes the safety education activities of primary and secondary school students’ safety education day.Zhang Zhenmin, secretary of the party group and director of the Jinan Earthquake Monitoring Center, Zheng Weiguo, member of the party group and deputy director, Wang Ying, deputy head of the Central District of Jinan City, Director of the School of Safety Management Office of the School of Education Bureau of Jinan City., Director Gong Chun, Fang Qibin, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the District Emergency Bureau, and Zheng Yongjian, the principal of Quanrun School, participated in the event.



The scientific communicator of the Jinan Earthquake Monitoring Center brought the science lectures on earthquake prevention and disaster reduction, so that students had a deeper understanding of the knowledge of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction.The students of Quanrun School performed a safety theme poetry recitation performance.The participating leaders presented the school to the school’s earthquake emergency packages and science science science books, and visited the school safety education.

Participating teachers and students conducted seismic emergency evacuation drills.The exercise is adapted to local conditions to simulate how to prevent shock absorption in the school’s auditorium environment.After hearing the password, more than 200 teachers and students quickly evacuated under the table and chairs of the table and chairs. After the vibration, under the command of the teacher, it safely and orderly evacuated the auditorium to the open area …The preface shows the unremitting results of school safety education.

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