Laporta: Restoring star players for life

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There has been a lot of speculation about Ronald Araujo’s future in recent months. Bayern Munich in particular have shown a lot of interest in the Uruguayan defender, which has led to doubts as to whether he will remain at Barcelona Cheap Soccer Jerseys next season.

Araujo’s sale would be financially beneficial for Barcelona with its ongoing financial problems. His price tag would be high, although the situation is offset by the fact that he is a key player who many consider to be the club’s future captain.

Laporta was very clear about Araújo. Speaking to the media at the premiere of the film “Barcelona One” on Wednesday, the president of Barcelona Women’s Soccer Jersey reportedly stated that he will keep the 24-year-old at the club until the end of his career.

Laporta: Restoring star players for life

“I would extend his contract for life. He’s a great guy. He’s one of the best central defenders at the club. I want to highlight his commitment to the club. Barcelona Children’s Football Set is proud to have such a player who defends the Barcelona colours in this way.”

Araujo’s situation will be monitored in the coming months and throughout the summer. He is a vital player for Barcelona, but it doesn’t look like it’s out of the question that he could leave.

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