Orders rose over 300%year -on -year!Entry tour heat rises steadily

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Recently, China’s visa -free “circle of friends” has expanded again. As the number of foreign tourists coming to China has steadily increased, various convenient measures are constantly enriching.

In the Beijing Summer Park Scenic Area, 18 tourists from Vietnam are preparing to enter the park under the leadership of the tour guide. This time, they will visit Beijing, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Shanghai and other places.

Zhang Jing, general manager of Shenzhou International Travel Group Holiday Tourism Company: Combining some needs of overseas guests, we have added some elements of non -heritage cultural experience, such as learning to play Tai Chi and making Jingtai Blue.


Sun Peng, the person in charge of the entry department of a tourism company, told reporters that since this year, the demand for entry tourism has gradually increased, and the number of entry groups has been reduced compared to before. At the same time, the number of customized small groups has increased significantly.


Data show that since 2024, the overall order of domestic entry tours has increased by more than three times year -on -year, an increase of about 50 % over the same period in 2019.Asia is still the largest source area of entry tour, accounting for 55%, followed by Europe, North America and Oceania, accounting for 30%and 15%, respectively.

Zhang Kexiong, general manager of China Tourism Group Travel Service Co., Ltd.: In 2024, we plan to recruit graduates from small language, such as German, French, Italian, to do a good job of reception services.

Source: CCTV Finance

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