Pep Guardiola will be impossible to follow, says Jürgen Klopp

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Jürgen Klopp said this summer is the perfect time for a new manager Cheap Liverpool Soccer Jerseys to take over and that the only impossible thing to follow is Pep Guardiola at Manchester City.

The two leading managers of the Premier League’s modern era meet for possibly the last time on Sunday in a meeting with suitably big ramifications for the fate of the title.

Liverpool’s revival on four fronts this season has reignited the rivalry with City, who trail the league leaders by a point ahead of the trip to Anfield, and strengthened the argument that Klopp is leaving at the wrong time. The Liverpool manager, however, takes the opposite view and believes the squad and the re-connected fan base he will leave behind present an ideal opportunity for his successor to bring home more silverware.

“After me?” said Klopp when asked if replacing him or Guardiola was an impossible task. “No, that’s not true. I understand that, but everyone involved in this club thinks and knows that this club is different. People are different here. People gave Bill Shankly a chance, and what came after Bill Shankly, and they’re all bigger than us, and people will eventually realize that it was a fantastic time and we all had a blast.

“What a ride. But I am 100% sure that what they have learned over the years is that anything is possible if we believe and push. This team will attract top managers, 100%. The next manager may or may not play different football, but he will get a boost from this fan base. I think I came in at the right time because it was a bit lost and maybe I was the one who helped everyone realize again how important it was.

“The club is special. Not because of the buildings – other clubs have nice stadiums – but because of the people. Everything revolves around people. I really think this is the perfect moment for the new manager, not the wrong one because we didn’t win everything, we left some places. Come [to] City after Pep Guardiola and you have to be champions 10 years in a row to achieve the same.”

Klopp admits that the competition between him and Guardiola has pushed their teams to unprecedented heights, certainly in terms of points. But he says losing two titles by one point to City is not a long-term regret.

Coach Cheap Liverpool Women’s Soccer Jerseys said: “I know it’s special [what the rivalry has produced]. I know we had happy moments and unhappy moments. I agree with that. In those years with a point behind, everyone knows that at one point it could have been different. For me, that doesn’t detract from the joy of what we were doing at that particular time.

“The outside world obviously sees it completely differently – you win or you don’t win. There is no silverware in the Premier League and Champions League. I know it’s a great achievement to reach four Champions League finals, but losing three of them will be considered an outsider. He won’t write on his grave – he lost three Champions League finals. These things are not important to me.

Pepa Guardiolu bit će nemoguće pratiti, kaže Jürgen Klopp
Pep Guardiola will be impossible to follow, says Jürgen Klopp

“I don’t consider myself a loser because I lost the final and I don’t consider myself a winner because I won it. I just try to make the absolute best out of everything. Yes, these struggles and to have 97 points and not win the league is incredible, and yes, we pushed each other. It was good fun. It would have been better if we had won it more often, there’s no doubt about that, but whether I have the trophy or not doesn’t change my view on it. What the boys have done is simply exceptional and will not happen regularly.”

Klopp says his relationship with Guardiola is built on respect and, while the demands of their jobs leave little time for a genuine friendship, he admits they called each other when they were going “through a difficult period”. Both lost their mothers during the pandemic. Guardiola also called Klopp after being manager cheap Liverpool kids football kit najavio šokantni odlazak. “Nazvao je i razgovarali smo, ali ne mogu vam reći što smo rekli jedan drugome”, rekao je Klopp. “Znam stvari koje biste voljeli znati!”

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