Popular color in 2024, it is indispensable

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As a half skirt or shorts and gray casual wear combinations,Easy and elegant, soft and tough collision is a match that can be available for commuting or traveling on weekends.

Angrahhhhhhhhhhhh moreCrashing with turmeric is also very interesting.

Matching with a silhouette shirt, there is a chic and casual nature.

In the elegant long dress, the atmosphere is handsome.

As an accessory, Angra is also a finishing touch.

Gucci Jackie handbag Whether it is matte or patent leather,With a gray jacket, it is a classic combination.

Gucci Signoria shallow shoe is sexy and charming.

Gucci Horsebit series ladies thick bottom Laifu shoes are even cooler.

Gucci 2024 spring and summer women’s clothing series,The silhouette is simple and realistic, and the style is sexy.In addition to being both fashionable and daily,It also made “Akrah” a veritable popularity in 2024.

Gucci 2024 In the autumn and winter women’s series, Angrahuma is indispensable.

Fashion bloggers and tide people have also begun to launch the “Red Guide to Pat.”

How to match it to get more popular, please check this matching idea!▼

The coat is dazzling

If I recommend a single product category with the best effect, my first choice must be leather.

Red short jacketWith more loose jeans, sneakers are more rare.

You can try to use black and white gray as much as possible,Let the shoes and coats echo, it is dazzling.

Knitting inside high -level literature and art

When Angrai appeared on knitting items, he always had a literary atmosphere.

A gray suit or coat on the lapel sweater,Advanced color matching.

I like fashion bloggers as shawls as shawls,It is also paired with gray suit and pleated skirt, which is a fashionable intellectual style.

Replace it with a black suit shirt, which is more lustrous.

Stockings are red and fashionable

Red stockings scraped this yearIt should not be underestimated.

With the college style jacket Lefu shoes, fashionable girl.

Paired with the earth color long coat pleated skirt, fashionable literary and artistic.

Red blessing is full of finishing touch

Wear plaid suit, jeans,You can choose a large red tote bag, which is more fashionable and handsome.

With the khaki we often wear in spring,Looking at the low -key bright brightness.

White jacket with Angra red handbag,It is even more elegant to Angle.

Let the shoes and handbags echo,It is commonly used by many stars and fashion bloggers.

The popularity of Gucci Angora’s red has made the red dresses back again. It can be said that this year it can make you make a turnaround.

Fashionables, don’t hurry up ~

More popular trends and analysis of the show, also welcome the little fairyCome to Xiaoyi Search “Zi Xiaomeng Serena” and find me to play ~

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