Ruijin City Maternal and Child Health Hospital’s husband and artificial insemination (AIH) technology trial operation full vote passed the national review

Estimated read time 3 min read Headline Client News CorrespondentXie WanrongReport: Recently, the national evaluation expert group conducted in -depth and detailed reviews of the trial qualification qualifications of the artificial insemination technology of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Ruijin City. As a result, the full votes were passed.In this review, the reproductive technology of the hospital has taken an important step. It brings better and convenient pregnancy assistance services to infertility, difficulty in childcare, and difficulty.significance.

  A group of 5 people from the National Health and Health Commission’s auxiliary reproductive technology review expert group came to the Ruijin Maternal and Child Health Hospital to conduct on -site review of the husband’s artificial fertilization technology.The review meeting was chaired by Xu Zhizhao, deputy director of the Maternal and Child Health Division of the Jiangxi Provincial Health Commission, Luo Ruiyun, deputy department cadre of the Ganzhou Health and Health Committee of the Ganzhou Health and Health Commission, Lai Ruiyun, deputy department cadre of the Health and Health Commission of Ruijin City, members of the leadership team of Ruijin City Maternal and Child Health Hospital and medical carePersonnel are waiting for the review meeting.

  At the review meeting, Xu Zhizhao pointed out that the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Ruijin City inherited the spirit of the Red Medicine and provided high -quality medical and health services for women and children in Ruijin and surrounding areas, which was of special significance for the development of Jiangxi women and children’s health.

  Wang Chuanming, secretary of the Party Branch of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Ruijin City, expressed a warm welcome to the arrival of leaders and experts, and then briefly explained the development of the hospital’s reproductive health department.He said that the hospital will take this review as an opportunity to further strengthen reproductive health service capabilities, improve service quality, and ensure that everyone who needs help can get timely and effective services.

  At the meeting, Zhu Yanping, the person in charge of the Reproductive Health Section, made detailed reports on the preparation of the artificial fertilization technology of Fu Jing.The review team conducted a comprehensive and detailed inspection and evaluation of the qualifications, venue layout, ethical management, diagnosis and treatment specifications, equipment facilities, simulated cases, technical operation processes, etc. through on -site questions, field viewing, and review materials.

  The expert group conducted field inspections of the reproductive health clinics, male laboratories, IUI laboratories, human awarding operating rooms, essential rooms and other areas, and strictly reviewed the central data management, quality control, ethics, etc.Clinical, laboratory, ethical management, andrology conduct multi -dimensional assessment.

  After strict processes such as professional review, support summary, and voting voting, the review team agreed that the hospital’s reproductive health section in the hospital in terms of technology, management, venue, personnel training, reproductive ethics, etc.Yao Yuanqing, a professor and chief physician of the General Hospital of the PLA General Hospital, announced that the full vote was tried through the hospital’s “Fu Jing Artificial Inmosis Technology”.

  Chen Beiyang, deputy secretary of the party branch of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Ruijin City, thanked the experts for their guidance and affirmation, thanked them for providing valuable suggestions for the hospital’s specialist construction, and injecting confidence in the new journey of the hospital.The Women’s Institute of Ruijin City will continue to attach importance to the construction and development of reproductive health, bringing good “pregnancy” to infertile families.

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