South African avocados go East: tapping into new markets in Japan, China and India

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South African avocado growers are preparing for exciting times as they enter new consumer markets in the Far East. Having finalised agreements for shipments to Japan, they are also making good progress in securing access to the Chinese and Indian markets, which has the potential to revolutionise their export plans.

South African avocados go East: tapping into new markets in Japan, China and India

Japan opens its doors:

The finalised agreement paves the way for the first shipment of South African avocados to Japan, probably from around June. This marks a major shift in strategy, diversifying exports away from the traditional UK and Europe.

China on the horizon:

Avocado growers began preparing for exports to China as early as April, holding workshops with officials to finalise the necessary requirements. This huge market represents another major opportunity for South African avocados.

India to be finalised:

India is the next potential avocado destination, but is still awaiting government feedback on the proposed agreement. With general elections looming, progress may be slightly delayed, but future prospects remain favourable.

Domestic and international growth:

While these new markets take centre stage, South Africa’s domestic avocado industry is also booming, with an early harvest starting in February and exports to traditional markets such as the UK and Europe beginning in March. Supply was further boosted by an extended growing period due to regional differences.

Far East effect:

Increased access to Far East markets such as Japan, China and India is expected to drive further growth in South African avocado production. This expansion will not only benefit farmers, but is also likely to lead to lower prices and greater availability of the product to consumers globally.

The future looks bright for South African avocados, with a diverse range of destinations and a thriving domestic market paving the way for continued success. This exciting chapter in South Africa’s avocado export journey will deliver delicious results for avocado lovers across the globe.

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