Start!Yaobang Environmental Facing Branch has a lot of measures and cares for the wonderful marathon

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Everything competes for spring, and the green is full of green.As the “runner” of the competition, the Sanming Sanitation is a clean, beautiful, smooth and orderly urban environment for the players and tourists in order to ensure the smooth progress of the marathon.Protect the event.
The marathon competition means moving towards a healthier and more positive lifestyle, and it is also a beautiful landscape in the four seasons. While the participants measure the cities with their footsteps, they dare to break through themselves and explore the limit.Historical and humanistic landscape.The Yaobang Environmental Pingzhi Branch actively deployed and carefully planned, paid close attention to the key sections such as East Street, evaluating Meimei Street, Western West Ring, Guangyang Road and other key sections, and continued to compact personnel responsibilities at all levels.
Surgery pop -up publicity, advocate the creation of the whole people
As the marathon is approaching, the Yaobang Environment Facing Branch has organized a super -combustible flashing activity: sanitation workers have rhythmically knocking four -color trash can to help the marathon public welfare, calling on the citizens to protect the environment during the event, pay attention to garbage classification, improve improvementCultural literacy and enhance the image of the city.
“Jie” can do what you can, make preparations before the game
In order to ensure that the semi -marathon competition track and the surrounding cities are clean and tidy, the environmental sanitation branch of the Yaobang Environmental Sanitation Branch established a marathon health security group in April, with a total of more than 150 people.Operation mode.
On the “conventional movements” of daily cleaning, we will further strengthen the clean -up measures along the track.Increase the frequency of mechanized cleaning, dispatch high -pressure flushing cars, sprinklers and sanitation workers to “pull the net” to the track of the track; do a good job of sanitary details along the line, organize personnel to finely scrub the rags along the rave, category trash cans, etc., Clean up the surrounding green belt and sanitary dead corner, so as to clear the road, the bottom of the ditch, and no dust, and let the “track see the original”;Ensure that the environment around the track is clean and tidy.At the same time, the cleaners are required to carry out cleaning and cleaning vehicles to strengthen the frequency of receiving and transportation and improve work efficiency, and reduce the time of garbage landing.
Continuous service and strengthen the event guarantee
In response to the sudden increase in garbage that may occur in the later period, the Yaobang environment has formulated a complete continuous service plan, arranged for the continuous attention of sanitation forces to ensure that the streets are neat and new after the event.
The relevant person in charge of the Pingzhi Branch said: “We know the importance of marathon events for the image of the city, so all employees attach great importance to and go all out. We hope to provide athletes and citizens with a beautiful, tidy competition and citizens through our own efforts.Observation environment, let them feel the beauty and charm of Pingding County. “
Through a solid and effective guarantee measures, the Yaobang Environment Facing Branch strives to present the most beautiful city -capacity environment and optimal service quality to every contestant and watching citizens.Come to a beautiful and comfortable competition experience, show the image of the city with high standards, high quality, and high value, and continue to polish urban business cards!
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