SUAVÉ: A cabaret show that immerses Brisbane in glitz, glamour and artistry

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Pink Flamingo Spiegeland is thrilled to announce the outstanding cast of SUAVÉ, a renowned cabaret show that promises to immerse Brisbane in a world of glitter, glamour and unparalleled artistry. With tickets already sold out, audiences are eager to grab their seats for this unforgettable experience. Tickets are on sale now, with a 20% early bird discount until the evening of October 31st.

SUAVÉ will kick off its Brisbane season at The Pink Flamingo Spiegeland, captivating audiences with its dazzling blend of burlesque artistry, Vegas-style glamour and tickle-inducing comedy. A hand-picked cast of world-class performers amplifies the show’s appeal for a mesmerizing evening of entertainment.

Producer Sue Porrett and choreographer/director Daniella Winter have meticulously assembled an extraordinary cast, each member of which brings his or her own unique talents and extraordinary brilliance to the stage. In the spirit of cabaret, these performers will create a spectacle beyond the ordinary.

SUAVÉ: A cabaret show that immerses Brisbane in glitz, glamour and artistry

Meet the cast of SUAVÉ

Claudia Valiutti: Known for her aerial artistry and dance, Claudia takes center stage and captivates the audience with her grace and passion.

Cristian Falcon: A force in dance and entertainment from Argentina, Cristian brings his extraordinary talent to Brisbane, continuing his long association with The Pink Flamingo Spiegeland.

Michael Stone: Michael is an international performer who joins the company to showcase his exceptional skills in dance, acrobatics and aerial arts.

Tiffany O’Connor: Fresh from her breakout role in the Las Vegas musical BAZ, Tiffany brings the glamour of the Las Vegas Strip to Brisbane.

Emilee-May Bradbury: Emilee-May Bradbury is a multi-talented performer with an extensive background in dance, aerial and acrobatics, Emilee-May promises to dazzle with her creativity and enthusiasm.

Sam Ellis: Sam weaves magic through his acrobatics and juggling, bringing a unique touch to the production.

T’La Morrow: local talent T’La mesmerizes with her breathtaking performances.

Savannah Roberts and Natalie Keevers: Savannah and Natalie share their deep passion for the stage, mesmerizing audiences with their dance prowess.

Trent Owers: Trent is an Australian actor with an impressive body of work who utilizes his acting talents in this production.

Nicole Haaring and Tori Hasselmeyer: Nicole Haaring and Tori Hasselmeyer make up the cast of Nicole Haaring and Tori Hasselmeyer) round out the cast, both with extensive backgrounds in dance and entertainment.

Enter the world of SUAVÉ, where art and glamour collide to create a spectacular show that celebrates the joys of life, love and entertainment. With performances of such high caliber, audiences can expect an unparalleled evening of entertainment, filled with breathtaking performances and infectious energy.

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