The journey of science and technology starts, learning and thinking about offline education help children explore the future

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 In the broad world of science, the sound of knowledge seems to be heard, and the waves of thinking seem to be visible.Science is not limited to the operation of test tubes and cups, but also a continuous exploration attitude; it not only exists in the boundary of the laboratory, but also integrates every subtle corner of our daily life.Cultivate children as keen observation and thinking like scientists, and guide them to explore the world in accordance with the logical chain of “careful observation-accurate description-in-depth question-scientific experiment-rigorous verification”Education gift.

  In the “Dream Chasing Deep Blue” national defense science and technology education themes held in Bayi School in Beijing, Xue and Si Simu’s offline education science experiment project team was invited to exhibition.The teachers of scientific experiments stepped into the campus with various experimental teaching aids to guide children to experience scientific experiments and interpret scientific principles, which attracted the active participation of many children and parents.This event opened the door to the scientific world for children, inspiring their enthusiasm and curiosity about scientific exploration.

  In this event, the children were immersed in the ocean of technology and felt the infinite possibilities of knowledge.Children full of exploration are shuttled between the exhibition interval, interacting with the teachers of scientific experiments, and exploring the mysteries in many fields such as the universe, lightning, life, strength, and energy.Learning Simu Yang Education Teachers are like inspiration and wisdom. Through the carefully designed interesting scientific experiments, children can explore the mysteries of science in a relaxed and happy atmosphere, expand their horizons, and enhance their practical ability.

  At the event site, experimental equipment such as radio telescope, magnetic suspension device, Madeburg hemisphere experiment, solar fan, and non -Newtonian fluid became the focus of attention of children and parents.They stopped watching, participated in the experiments, and experienced the magical charm of scientific principles through intuitive feelings.Under the careful guidance of learning and educational teachers in Sisu, the children not only learned the scientific knowledge behind the experiment, but also combined theory and practice to achieve the charm of science more intuitively.This activity not only inspired their enthusiasm and curiosity about the exploration of science and technology, but also made them deeply understand the practicality and fun of scientific knowledge.

  The scientific experimental courses of scholars’ educational education cleverly integrated Steam education concepts, with experiments as the core, encouraging children to reveal the scientific mystery in life through independent exploration and discovery.In the process, children can not only form their own unique cognition, learn to explain life phenomena in a scientific way, but also cultivate the ability to be courageous, think about, and be good at application, and lay a solid foundation for their future development.

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