The Political and Legal Committee of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee went to Guangyuan Zhengde Middle School to investigate special education work

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On the morning of April 24th, Changjiang Bo of the Comprehensive Governance Division of the Political and Legal Committee of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee, Ma Yun, Chairman of the Fourth -level Chief of the Governance Division of the Provincial Party Committee Political and Legal Committee, and Hu Zhongxue, a police officer of the Anti -Fraud Center of the Provincial Public Security Department, went to Guangyuan Zhengde Middle School for investigationEducation career.Xu Xianrong, deputy secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Zhang Yi, a three -level investigator of the Municipal Education Bureau, Sun Yujuan, deputy head of the District People’s Government, and Li Zhiyu, deputy director of the District Education Bureau, accompanied the investigation.

The research team went to the student classrooms, dormitories, and cafeterias, and listened to the specific reports of President Liu Lihong on the basic situation of school running, the basic situation of students and teaching staff, the development of school education correction, the opening of the curriculum, and the construction of Ping An campus.

The research team came to the security room and focused on checking the real -time video surveillance situation. The surveillance can achieve full time, full coverage, whether the monitoring facility storage meets the prescribed period, whether the monitoring image is clear, whether the recovery function meets the requirements, etc.examine.Director Jiang Bo pointed out that in the face of these special students, we must strengthen linkage, form joint efforts, and take the prevention of bullying students as the top priority of school safety work.It is necessary to strengthen the hidden dangers of campus safety hazards, strive to achieve “prophets”, and timely intervene in various signs of sexual problems and deal with timely treatment.It is necessary to regularly set up activities such as lectures on the rule of law, psychological counseling lectures, strengthen education and propaganda, pay attention to information such as students ‘family conditions and psychological changes, timely grasp students’ ideological dynamics and daily management, further prevent campus bullying and crimes of minors, and build peaceful construction for peace.campus.

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