The sail that allows youth to raise fashion 2024 China International University Student Fashion Week is in Beijing

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  On May 15th, the 2024 China International University Student Fashion Week opened in the 751 park in Beijing 751 Park with the title of “Flower Flowers”.This year’s college student Fashion Week is directed by the China Textile Industry Federation and the Design Teaching Guidance Committee of the Department of Design of the Ministry of Education. It is sponsored by the China Clothing Designer Association, the China Clothing Association, the China Textile and Fashion Education Society, and co -sponsored by the 751 Park.

  Fashion Week of China International University Students was founded in 2013. It has always been committed to focusing on the exploration of new quality and productive for education in colleges and universities, and promoting the new path of educating people in the new era in the new era, the cultural narrative and sustainable fashion.Continuously explore a new paradigm for the high -quality development of the fashion industry.

  This year’s college student fashion weeks condense organizational power, matching, design power, technology, and communication advantages. By continuously integrating resources and strength of all parties, and continuously enriching their core cores.For 6 days, there will be nearly 73 professional activities including special release, video release, special exhibitions, online recruitment, forum lecture halls, creative markets, and professional selection.During the period, more than a thousand designers from 52 colleges and universities flew over Wanli Mountain River and went to the “Early Stage of the Bridge” to realize their dreams.

  It is worth mentioning that 7 colleges of Shenzhen University, Wuhan Textile University School of Economics and Trade, Yunnan Academy of Arts, Yanjing Institute of Technology, Fuzhou Institute of Foreign Studies, Inner Mongolia University of Technology, and Guangdong Baiyun College all appeared at college student fashion weeks for the first time.As well as many aspects such as the multiple choices of creative themes, they all set a new historical record.

  As the “Youth Tongshi” of China’s fashion industry, college student Fashion Week has never stopped exploring innovation.College Student Fashion Week adheres to innovation as the lead, creating an integration platform for the release of industry -university -research achievements, and talent introduction to talents, and helps colleges and universities to improve the quality of talent training.

  As the highlight of this year’s college student Fashion Week, special concepts are published in the special concept of “innovation”, showing the professional teaching achievements and talent training of talents in 52 colleges and universities.During the special release, the designers will bring thousands of original costumes to start the same stage. Their works focus on the intervention of positive innovation, green exploration, material testing, regeneration and fashion.Cultural elements show the original spirit of “humanities, experiments, and speculation”.In the video release section, graduates of 10 colleges and universities will also explore the path of traditional and modern heritage, originality and market blending in the direction of clothing innovation in an open design question.

  Be a good graduate employment road “leader” and “connected person”

  For graduates, moving from campus to the workplace is an important turning point in life.How to find the right job and entrepreneurial opportunities, and quickly transform, and the successful integration into the workplace is a challenge facing every graduate.For the key points of “employment and entrepreneurship”, this year’s college student Fashion Week has created a series of targeted activities to solve the “urgent need” of graduates.

  This includes the guidance of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League to join hands with Zhilian recruitment online special recruitment fair. This event participates in 104 companies, providing employment positions cover design and production, commercial operations, media propaganda, fashion modeling, etc.842.Through in -depth understanding of the current talent demand status of the clothing industry and employment standards, the construction of talent databases in the national fashion industry colleges, the talent supply and demand network of Liantong Enterprise and colleges, and accelerating the transformation of the talent resources on the fashion industry.At the same time, in the China International Fashion Forum and Fashion E classroom, we discuss employment and entrepreneurial issues in multi -dimensional.The “Theme Forum of Entrepreneurship Guidance, comprehensively improve the platform’s own employment and entrepreneurial public service long -term mechanism, and solve the status quo of absent major generals for enterprises.

  Creative market and theme exhibitions open a variety of creative gameplay

  At this year’s college student Fashion Week, about three or five friends to visit the creative market, it has also become another way of opening in fashion life.The first launch of China International College Student Fashion Week*Ranse City gathers more than 50 stalls. With novel creative products and interesting punching methods, it attracts many “curiosity babies” to Taobao and allows creativity and business to interact in depth.

  As a creative ecological collection of the results of college fashion design and education, the Fashion Education Achievement Exhibition of Chinese Universities adheres to the value concept of the famous sociologist, Mr. Fei Xiaotong, “the beauty and beauty, the beauty and the United States”, and gathered the excellent clothing of many well -known universities.Works in fashion design categories such as clothing and accessories.It not only reflects the outstanding performance of students in creative thinking and practical ability, but also helps schools to cultivate talents more directed through on -site exchanges and industrial docking.At the same time, the “non -heritage” series of activities of the unique field kicked off. China International University Student Fashion Week & Dating Genius Mother · Non -Heritage New Public Welfare Program relies on the non -legacy hand embroidery hub to pass the “non -heritage new public welfare plan” launching ceremony, “Mom’s Handmade Class” Facin Pixing A non -heritage experience activity, “Stimulating the Innovation of Non -Heritage and Innovation Inheritance” charity dialogue, “Mom’s Handmade Class” Wax Dye Non -Heritage Experimental Activities, etc., presents a different beauty of non -heritage.

  Let the fashion think tank give the thoughts to “fluttering”

  The thoughts outside the show continued to confront each other. Within the 6 -day schedule, the China International Fashion Forum and Fashion E class will continue to open the information “energy” supply station.This time, the China International Fashion Forum cooperates with well -known domestic and foreign scholars, designers, colleges and colleges, employment experts, and high -quality enterprises and platforms such as Lingdi Technology 3DSTYLE, Malaysi, International Wool Bureau, and Zhilian Recruitment.Exploring, focusing on AI, digital fashion, design exchanges, non -heritage innovation, and popular trends, discuss the development of fashion and fashion education from a pioneering perspective, and give teachers and students more creative inspiration.

  Fashion open class units assembled well -known teachers, industry experts and brands from domestic and foreign institutions at home and abroad to from the perspective of “personal growth, career development, industrial cognition, industry responsibility” in the form of free public courses.Deeply talk about issues such as “Global Fashion Education and Personal Development in International Fashion Education and Personal Development”, “How to give full play to personal abilities from campus to workplace,” new productivity and ethics of fashion design “and” copyright and ethics of fashion “Interpret the different aspects of fashion and understand the status and problems at all levels of the industry.

  A number of selection compete for the new generation design winner

  On the evening of May 20, this year’s college student fashion week will come to an end at the 2024 China International College Student Fashion Week Awards Ceremony and the 29th China Fashion Design Newcomer Award selection activity.China Fashion Design Education Award, Excellent Instructor Award and Newcomer Award, and the annual women’s clothing design award, men’s clothing design award, style and creative award, market potential award, craft production award, fabric use award, sustainable fashion award, knitted design award, etc.Awards will be announced one by one.In addition, this organizing committee will also jointly select and issue “Beautiful Nuo Wool Design Rookie” with the International Wool Bureau; and the “China International University Student Fashion Week × Rylimili Guofeng Contest” with Ruili Clothing Beauty.

  The University Student Fashion Week aims to stimulate students’ innovative potential through the selection of various awards, and promote the continuous improvement and improvement of talent education in colleges and universities.At the same time, the bridge of graduates to the market can be better grafted, and the teaching results exchanges and cooperation between institutions and colleges, colleges and enterprises are promoted.Since the establishment of each award, many award -winning designers have become indispensable for the construction of a Chinese fashion highland.

  Recommended youthful power to update audiovisual expression

  In order to resonate with youth at the same frequency, this college fashion week renovates the traditional propaganda model from the perspective of young people. Based on the starting point of “young people knows the young people the most”, it will introduce the “College Student Reporting Reporting for College Students’ Reports with the starting point of” young people know the young people “.College student Fashion Week, “College Student fashion guerrillas” and other topic content, through columns, interviews, micro -documentary and other forms, make fashion information release on self -media platforms such as Xiaohongshu, video number, and public account to spread new fashion sounds.

  Yang Jian, Executive Chairman of the China Clothing Designer Association, expressed several expectations for the current college student Fashion Week: first, the contributors to seeking same differences and creating creative design and cultural exchanges at home and abroad; second, open forward -looking, do world vision and local experience, The introduction of new generation of clothing design talents with humanistic literacy; the third is to open up and innovate, and be a service provider who develops the industry chain, talent chain, and innovation chain.Promote and enhance the new quality of the fashion industry with the value concept of “beauty and beauty, beauty and the United States”, and write a Chinese -style modern and splendid chapter.

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