Thinking about the motion in the music education, a significant increase of 5.25%

Source: Tencent Self -selection comprehensive

At 10:12 on April 24, 2024, the stock price of Le Education (01769.HK) fluctuated, and the stock price rose rapidly by 5.25%.As of press time, the stock reported at HK $ 4.590/share, with a transaction volume of 1.273 million shares.Change rate0.23%, an amplitude of 5.96%.

In terms of funds, the shares of funds flowed at HK $ 4.38867 million and outflowed for HK $ 1.2725 million.

Recent financial report data shows that the stock is realizedOperating income630 million Hong Kong dollars,Net profitHK $ 9,488,65,500,Earnings per share0.17 Hong Kong dollars,gross profitAt 263 million Hong Kong dollars, the price -earnings ratio is 26.88 times.

In terms of institutional rating, 100%of the three agencies participating in the rating give buy advice, and no securities firms give holding and selling suggestions.

Thinking about the education industry where Le Education is located, the overall decline is 0.40%.Among the related stocks, the 21st century education, thinking music education, and chalk increased large. Related related stocks with large amplitude include China Kepei, Excellent Education Group, and thinking about music education. The amplitude is 9.93%, 5.56%, and 5.50%.

Introduction to the Le Education Company: Thinking of the Le Education Group (formerly known as: China Yuan (Holdings) Group) is a China Investment Holding Company. It mainly provides post -school education services through academic preparation courses and primary primary school quality education courses.The company provides academic preparation courses with the “advanced school” brand, and provides primary primary school quality education courses with the “Lexue” brand.The company is mainly carried out in Guangdong, China.

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