Tourist acting stocks, please collect the list!(2024/3/22)

  In 2024, the leading stock of the tourism performing arts stocks is:

  Songcheng Performing Arts:Last, in 2022, the company achieved net profit of 9.658 million, a year-on-year increase of -96.94%, and the compound growth in the past five years was -70.57%; the gross profit margin was 50.14%.

  The absolute leader of the domestic tourism performing arts industry is the top ten companies in the global theme park group and large -cap stocks.

  In the past three on the 3rd, Songcheng’s performing arts fell 4.07%to 10.56 yuan. In 2024, the stock price rose 6.53%, with a total market value of 27.668 billion yuan.

  Impression of Sanxiang:According to the news on March 22, Sanxiang’s impression was reported to 3.49 yuan. As of 3 pm, the stock fell 2.83%to 3.430 yuan.The current market value is 4.05 billion.On the one hand, expand the urban route, introduce cultural tourism performing arts projects into cities from scenic spots, invest in and overall development of cultural travelers complex projects in first and strong second -tier cities, and create “new landmarks” and “new business cards” for urban culture;In terms of deepening the scenic area, surrounding the impression performance project, and conducting investment and overall development of cultural tourism and leisure destinations.

  Lijiang Co., Ltd.:On March 22, the news of Lijiang’s shares closed, and the stock price fell 2.52%within 7 days, and this year rose by 14.93%. The latest report was 9.510 yuan, down 2.36%, and the market value was 5.226 billion yuan.The company is the earliest enterprise engaged in the development and operation of tourism industry in Lijiang. The only A -share listed company in Lijiang and northwestern Yunnan. After years of development, the company has built Snow Mountain Tourism Capture, five -star resort hotels, international travel agencies, tourism performing arts, etc.A number of tourism services for tourists can provide tourists with the top five comprehensive tourism service companies in the top five elements of tourism “eating, living, traveling, traveling, and entertainment”.

  Fengshang Culture:On March 22, Fengshang Cultural News reported that the stock opened 40.92 yuan. As of the closing, the stock fell 0.34%to 41.180 yuan, and the highest price on the day was 41.95 yuan.The shift rate is 6.54%.The company takes creative design as its core, and its business scope covers creative, design and production services in many fields such as large cultural performing arts activities, cultural tourism performing arts, landscape art lighting and interpretation.

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