What is the next step in Sichuan food safety work?This meeting is clear

Sichuan News Network-First Screen News Chengdu, April 25th (Reporter Li Dan)A few days ago, the Sichuan Food and Safety Commission held a plenary meeting of 2024 to thoroughly study and implement the important exposition of the Supreme Leadership General Secretary of the Supreme Leadership, listen to the report of food safety related work in the province, study and review relevant documents and systems.Essence
The meeting pointed out that in recent years, with the joint efforts of the whole province and members of all member units, the food safety situation in Sichuan Province has improved as a whole.However, there are many points, large quantities, and wide range of food industries. Safety risks, hidden dangers, and problems test us at all times. We must always maintain alertness, tighten their minds, do their responsibilities, resolutely keep, prison, and keep food safety.The bottom line.
The meeting emphasized that it is necessary to keep aware of key key areas, deepen the special governance of food safety in concentrated dining units, study and solve the problems of new resources, new formats, and new model supervision, strengthen supervision and services for Sichuan’s characteristic and superior food industry, and continue to effectively promote anti -food waste waste.Work.To tighten each responsibility screw, take the implementation of the “two responsibilities” of food safety as the starting point, press the responsibility of tightening the real land, strictly implement the departmental supervision responsibilities, and perform the industry’s responsibilityresponsibility.It is necessary to improve the work coordination mechanism of food safety, take the initiative and actively plan in the construction of cold chain logistics, the development of advantageous and characteristic food industries, brand cultivation, prefabricated local standards, and rely on innovation to achieve new breakthroughs, use high -level food safetyGuarantee high -quality development.

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