What should I pay attention to during exercise?Master the 7 tips for exercise, the effect will double!

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Now more and more people are exercising, but various problems may be encountered during exercise, and many people who start to exercise soon give up.How to ensure that you don’t give up halfway and insist on achieving your goals, there are many places to understand.

What should I pay attention to during exercise?

1. Clarify the goal

Clarifying the goal of exercise is important, so that appropriate plans can be developed to achieve the goal.Avoid setting unrealistic goals, so that you can only get exhausted and you can’t get the goal you want.Starting from the actual situation, according to your physical fitness conditions and time arrangements, a practical goal is proposed.

2. Choose the right sports equipment

You need to buy basic equipment, such as a pair of good running shoes and sports shorts.At the beginning, there is no need to be too expensive, just enough.Some intelligent sports equipment, such as sports bracelets, are also very helpful for detecting sports performance and record data.

3. Persist in a movement

Don’t worry about jumping from one exercise to another.For example, if you start quickly, don’t jump to run because of easy walking.Gradually exercise to make the body’s stress is the key to successful running procedures.Starting from simple exercise, the body can gradually bear pressure while reducing the risk of injuries to the greatest extent.

4. Don’t excessive exercise

Insufficient exercise will not achieve the effect, and excessive exercise will cause physical fatigue, injury and fatigue, so you need to balance between the two.Do n’t get exhausted in exercise and rest again. After doing high -intensity exercise for a while, rest, so that the effect is better.

5. Warm up before exercise

Proper warm -up before exercise is essential to prevent pain and damage. Correct warm -up will help reduce health problems to the greatest extent and make fitness more efficient.Perform at least 5-10 minutes before exercise to make the joints work normally.

6. Keep sufficient moisture

Water can regulate the body temperature, maintain joint lubrication, and help transmit various parts of the body in the body, and can eliminate fatigue, dizziness and muscle spasm.Maintaining sufficient water during operation is important to maintain health and continue to practice.

7, sufficient time to recover

It is important to give your body enough time to recover.It is recommended to exercise twice a week at the beginning, and then slowly increase the number of exercise.From the beginning, exercise may cause excessive pressure on the body every day, which affects the goal of fitness.

Don’t be too big, start from your own actual situation, follow the appropriate eating habits, and add a little willpower, it is easy to achieve your goals.

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