"World Environment Day" Epson adheres to the original intention of environmental protection and achieves colorful people and earth with action

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On June 5th, the World Environment Day arrived as expected. On this day, it not only awakened the world’s deep attention to environmental issues, but also inspired the government, enterprises, and social organizations to work together to jointly contribute to the sustainable development of the earth.strength.As a firm supporter and practitioner of environmental protection undertakings, Epson has always integrated sustainable development into the business operation of the enterprise, and is committed to creating value through “provincial, small, and essence” to make people color and colorful.
Epson and “Earth Hour”Energy -saving operations climb again
As the world’s leading technology companies, Epson has always adhered to the original intention of environmental protection and deeply implanted the concept of green development in every step of corporate growth.Since becoming the first global partner in “One Hour of the Earth” in March 2024, Epson has advocated to cultivate a sense of energy conservation with the “one hour of the earth” through “small action to bring big changes”Let’s support environmental protection.On the day of “Earth”, Epson held offline activities in WISMA Atria Shopping Mall and Japan (Lalaport Toyosu in Tokyo), calling on friends from all over the world to participate in the event.
Epson’s “Earth Hour” offline activity
Epson’s cooperation with “Earth Hour” has achieved fruitful results. In 180 countries and regions around the world, a total of 1.4 million hours of energy conservation and environmental protection has been created.It also injected new vitality into global environmental protection.
Epson and “Earth Hour”
Sustainable development, the combination of theory and practice to implement environmental protection issues
Epson started with the manufacture of watches, and the concept of “provincial, small, and essence” went deep into DNA.Since its establishment, Epson has been committed to exploring the harmonious symbiosis of business and nature. He firmly believes that through the “provincial, small, and fine” technology, it can enrich people’s lives, protect the natural environment, and seek well -being for future generations.
Epson mission
As early as 2008, Epson released a forward -looking “2050 Environmental Vision”. The vision proposed the use of its own technology, products and services to work with business partners to contribute to building a better world.By 2021, Epson further revised the “2050 Environmental Vision”, which improved and clarified that the specific goals of carbon negative emissions and underground resources will be reached in 2050*2.It is worth mentioning that in November 2021, all the Epson factories in Japan achieved 100%renewable power transformation; in January 2023, the Epson plant in China/Hong Kong achieved 100%renewable power transformation, until December of the same year, globally, worldwide, globally, worldwide, globally, worldwide, worldwide, worldwide, worldwide, worldwide, worldwide, worldwide, worldwide, globally, worldwide, worldwideAll Epson factories realize 100%renewable power transformation.The transformation of renewable power reduces the proportion of greenhouse gas emissions brought by Epson Power’s use to about 40%.
Epson’s “2050 Environment Vision”
In addition, this year the state put forward requirements and important points in “developing new quality productivity and promoting high -quality development”.Epson knows that green development is the background of high -quality development. The essence of new productive productivity is green productivity.Just as the president of Seiko Epson, Kagawa Gong Fan mentioned in the speech of the Druba printing exhibition this year, Epson adhering to the innovative concept of “provincial, small, and essence”, and has always penetrated this concept in the entire product and technological innovation.Epson has developed the core technology represented by the five major defects represented by Heat-free cold printing technology, dry fiber technology, 3LCD display technology, Si-OLED micro-display technology and robot pressure sensor system.Environmental and higher -quality solutions have promoted the progress and sustainable development of global science and technology.
In the field of office and home printing, Epson has steadily replaced the traditional ink cartridge model with ink -® printer.The ink -type ® printer not only has more energy saving and efficient, but its ink bottle design has greatly reduced the waste of consumables such as ink cartridges and achieved a more environmentally friendly printing method.In the office field, the ink -® printer has become an ideal choice for alternative laser printers with its unnecessary characteristics.Economic printing solution.
In addition, Epson has continuously promoted the changes in the field of commercial and industrial printing through product innovation.For example, Epson’s core technology PrecisionCore print head not only significantly improves the print speed and image quality, but also broaden the range of ink and printing materials, bringing more possibilities to inkjet printing.The core of PrecisionCore’s print head is Epson’s thin film voltage (TFP) technology. This technology uses ultra -thin piezoelectric components to ensure that high -speed printing and high -definition resolution coexist.Compared with the traditional print head, the TFP print head is smaller, the nozzle is more dense, and supports modular applications. It can flexibly configure multiple printed heads.In addition, its inkjet process does not need to be heated, and the energy saving effect is significant.
At the same time, through digital technology, Epson not only achieves efficient production, but also reduces operating costs and environmental burdens on demand printing models, becoming the core force to promote the sustainable development of the enterprise.For example, at the recent Druba exhibition, Epson showed the results of cooperation with various countries and regions. Among them, the successful cases of European partners adopted the Epson digital printing solution, which greatly shortened the production cycle and improved the market.Science.This model of printing on demand not only optimizes production efficiency, improves profitability, but also leads enterprises to a greener and efficient future.
In terms of technology promoting sustainable development, Epson is unique with its excellent Paperlab dry fiber paper circulation system.This paper recycling and regeneration equipment suitable for the office uses Epson’s world’s first dry fiber technology. It only requires a small amount of water to decompose old paper into fiber and produce new paper.It is worth mentioning that this technology also has potential for other fiber materials such as textiles.At present, Epson is in cooperation with the famous Japanese fashion designer Yuima Nakasato.In addition, Epson signed a joint development agreement with the Hong Kong Textiles and Rapid R & D Center to establish the use of dry fiber technology to establish the dehydration technology of difficult fabrics and expand fiber recovery in the real world, thereby meeting the increasing global renewable fiber.need.
B Luca Tombolini x Yuima Nakazato
Epson adheres to the strategy of “technology+localization+environmental protection” and works with local partners in China, and is committed to developing solutions that meet the needs of local users.Since Epson officially opened the printed heading business in the Chinese market, it has actively explored cooperation with outstanding partners in China to strengthen the co -creation with the outstanding local cards and ink suppliers to create a solution that is more in line with local users.Advertising and other industries have promoted the digital transformation of the industry.
Epson PrecisionCore’s expansion application
In terms of product use, Epson’s ® printer outer packaging box uses 80%renewable materials, which significantly reduces the load of the packaging waste to the environment.In addition, the official renovation machine activity was launched for the ink warehouse ® products. In 2023, the purchase of the renovation machine and the Epson reduced the environment to the environment by 122 tons of waste*4, which reduced the negative impact on the environment.
In terms of green supply chain, Epson strictly implements the global unified green procurement standards, refused to adopt toxic and harmful substances, and preferred environmental protection or renewable materials.For example, Epson gradually reduces tape use in China and introduces environmentally friendly packaging materials to remove plasticized packaging.In the logistics session, I tried to use new energy vehicles for urban distribution to reduce noise, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and more environmentally friendly to achieve environmental protection and energy conservation and emission reduction effects.
“Green Answers” on the road of sustainable development
The environmental protection concepts that Epson has always adhered to and his outstanding performance in practice not only attracted the attention of the industry, but also won many honors.The FTSE Social Responsibility Index Series, as an authoritative indicator of an enterprise in the environment, social and governance (ESG), Epson has been on the list for 21 consecutive years.
FTSE4GOOD Index Series
At the same time, Ecovadis has been awarded the sustainable development of platinum rating. Epson has also sat firmly for three consecutive years, ranking among the top 1%of the industry.What’s more worth mentioning is that in 2023, Epson was once again included in its highly respected A -level list by the internationally renowned non -profit environmental organization, and successfully passed the review and evaluation plan of the Responsible Commercial Alliance (RBA).Obtained authoritative certification of the agency.These honors are not only fully affirmed that Epson regards environmental protection as the core values ​​of the enterprise, but also shows the key role of Epson’s play in promoting the sustainable development strategy. It has become the backbone of the green development leading society.
Ecovadis awarded Epson’s sustainable development of platinum rating
International Non -profit Environment Organization CDP’s long -known “A -Class List”
RBA (Responsible Business Alliance) Liability Commercial Alliance certification
On the road of environmental protection, Epson is always the same and unswerving.Epson is driven by scientific and technological innovation and led by the concept of green. He uses practical actions to interpret the awe of nature and the responsibility of the earth.In the future, Epson will continue to uphold the concept of “provincial, small, and essence”, continue to break through innovation, and contribute to achieving the goal of sustainable development of the earth, making people colorful with the earth.
In this article, the registered trademark of the ink -style ® is Ai Pusheng (China) Co., Ltd.
*1 Never renewable resources, such as oil and metal
*2 Based on the standards set by international organization SBT settings, the goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions
*3 Based on Epson’s survey results in November 2016.
*4 In 2023, a total of 20,000 renovations were produced, with a total weight of about 122 tons.

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