Yamaguchi Squadron, Tongyue District of Tai’an City: Make every effort to build a business environment for safety and rule of law

  Luwang March 26th News In order to further escort the development of enterprises and create a fair, orderly, secure, and rule of law business environment, in the new year, Yamaguchi Squadron, the comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau of Daiyue District, Tai’an City, and the Shankou Squadron of Yamaguchi Multi -measures.At the same time, strengthen the “law enforcement+law popularization” and contribute to the shaping the excellent business environment.

The rule of law and transportation service of the law helps the company to help companies open the door.At the Spring Talent Job Fair in Yamaguchi Town this year, Yamaguchi Squadron took this opportunity to carry out targeted publicity propaganda actions, mainly focusing on optimizing key areas such as business environment and safety production.Strengthen the consciousness of the rule of law and job seekers.At the same time, based on functions, strengthen the publicity of the rule of law, strengthen the awareness of employers in safe production and law -abiding operations, and create a good atmosphere of rule of law for enterprises.

Coordinate the “development” and “safe”, and link the hidden danger points for a comprehensive investigation.Comprehensively implement the investigation of hidden safety hazards, and promote the safety production fields of urban gas and construction sites.The safety of gas operation enterprises and construction sites per month is “comprehensive inspection once”, and it is inspected and maintained by the gas enterprise inspection of safety inspections, maintaining accounts, and so on.Check the daily safety management of the construction site for hidden safety hazards and illegal operations.In this regard, law enforcement officers require the person in charge of the project site to tighten the “safety strings”, firmly establish the “red line consciousness”, earnestly absorb typical accident lessons, strictly suppress and pressure the main responsibility of real safe production, and timely and effectively to rectify the detected problems in a timely and effectivelyEssenceStrictly control the frequency of administrative law enforcement inspections involving enterprises, and effectively reduce law enforcement and disturbances; assist relevant departments in Yamaguchi Town to inspect the safety of bottled gas in the catering industry, and urge them to rectify in place if they do not meet the safety requirements of use.Ensure risk control and hidden dangers in place, resolutely keep the bottom line of safety management management of gas, and effectively maintain the lives and property safety of the people.

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