Zhang Yang or restrained is the best appearance | 2024 autumn and winter Shanghai Fashion Week

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Interface News reporter | Zhou Fangying

Interface News Edit | Xu Yue

Aubruino tried to bring the audience back to the dream country of childhood.

As soon as the opening, there was a huge “secret fortress” in the center of the stage. It was built from daily items such as sofa pads and sheets.The models who have gradually stepped on the catwalk came from this “fortress” and came from this “fortress”. Wearing the costumes designed by Aubruino this season, it seemed to come out of that secret space.

This season’s design inspiration is from the common games that are common in this kind of. The brand tries to tell the story of the girl who is brave in the face of the unknown of the girl from the world and bravely facing the unknown.A series of superimposed and stitching design methods created a “fortress” window, presenting different girly temperaments such as mysterious, rebellious, cute, and so on.

The plaid element is collided and divided, and the new vitality is given after reorganization.Metal chain, bear doll and other decorations are hidden or appeared on different items, symbolizing the rich emotional memories of the girl’s inner world.From childhood to large, from virtual to real, from closed to release, Aubruino brought a realistic reversal dream about the young girl’s growing up and growing up with the three -dimensional superposed clothing shape through the clever stage design and the three -dimensional superposed clothing shape.

Fashionable light -outdoor brand MOUTION Momo brought a big show with unique combination of fashion and outdoor.

MOUTION co -branded with the British designer brand Roksanda, including 52 clothing and 13 accessories with 17 colors.The color is bold and full of sculpture, the silhouette is ingenious, the cutting lines and the use of innovative fabrics are perfectly integrated with the use of innovative fabrics.

The series uses MOUTION Mouxun’s exclusive Cooling-Fresh Ice Titanium technology, covering classic styles such as short-term sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen, etc., full of fashion texture.There are short zipper connecting hoodies, short cloaks, long cardigan sweaters, long -sleeved bottoming T -shirts and short -sleeved primers, etc.; And pants such as legging, cycling pants, flared pants, etc., can create a rich shapeFunity with stacking.

In addition to clothing, a series of bright color sports packages and accessories also attracted the audience.For details, the iconic feminist design concepts of Roksanda brand can be seen everywhere.The entire series exudes a romantic, casual and free artistic atmosphere.

With the change of music and the change of the show scene, the new spring and summer series of Moution Momo kicked off.The combination of loose and tailoring, instant cold fabrics, and soft tones, like turning into a stream, makes people feel like being in nature.

Whether it is the co -branded series of Roksanda or the brand’s own wired, MOUTION Mo Xun interprets the concept of “fashionable and light outdoor” in an unprecedented way.Through innovative technology fabrics and design aesthetics, a new comfort and free wear experience has been opened for consumers.

The Australian designer brand Dion Lee released the 2024 autumn and winter series at the 100th floor of the Shanghai Global Financial Center.For example, Phoenix Nirvana, under the theme of destruction and rebirth, shows a unique power and beauty.

Several pivotal tulle skirts in the big show are very eye -catching.These skirts are hidden and sharp, and the dense bead chains are comprehensive and inserted, inspired by the medieval knight’s lock armor.Under the soft fabric, there are hard power, creating a unique temperament that coexists fragile and persistent.

The combination of leather and lace, the collage between the tassel and the armor, the collapse of the sharp silhouette and the soft tailoring, interpret the symbiosis of a destruction and new life, strength and beauty.

Tailoring style and sculptural silhouette have always been Dion Lee’s design exploration direction.This season, the brand is inspired by the elements such as protection and armor, which fully reflects the layered and stereo of the single product.

The use of soft materials such as tulle, knitted, and tassels seems to be a reflection and echo of hard armor.Just like the high -altitude clouds of the big show, threatening is hidden in the nihn, the flowing boundary symbolizes the world’s high tower to echo the continuous vitality.

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