Zodiac Diwali Shopping Tips

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Renowned astrologer Parduman Suri shares personalized insights and tailored tips for each sign of the zodiac to ensure harmonious and prosperous Diwali celebrations:


Place a triangular red cloth by your pillow for 40 days to increase task completion.
Buy red items to attract positive energy and wealth.


Gazing at a bowl of mustard oil and offering it to the Shani temple on Saturday will enhance good omens.
Purchase yellow colored items to attract wealth and prosperity.


Avoid glass gifts. If received, it is advisable to pass them on to others to ensure a seamless flow of positive energy and wealth.
Purchase green items to attract growth and harmony.

Zodiac Diwali Shopping Tips


Put a few drops of Ganges water in the bathtub and avoid bathing barefoot in the shower.
Purchasing white items brings peace and tranquility.


Donate black sesame seeds and be careful what you say.
Purchase gold colored items to attract success and recognition.


Keep your inner thoughts in check, avoid conflict and throw seven dry coconuts into running water.
Purchase blue items to bring calm and clarity of mind.

Feed the bull some coarse sugar and choose your words wisely to sweeten the deal.
Buying pink items will attract love and relationships.


Enhance your Diwali experience by bathing in rose water.
Purchase purple items to attract mystery and transformation.


After bathing, chant Hanuman Sutra and apply saffron tilaka to bring good mood.
Purchase orange items to attract optimism and adventure.


Do not carry broken umbrellas in your home and stay away from alcohol, meat and lies.
Purchase black items to attract discipline and ambition.


Watch your words, avoid arguments and surprise your partner with a thoughtful gift.
Buy turquoise colored items to attract innovation and creativity.


Leave broken items outside, reduce spices in your meals and enjoy a peaceful Diwali.
Buy silver colored items to attract intuition and compassion.
By following these simple but astrologically guided tips, you can elevate your Diwali celebrations and ensure a positive start to the festival.

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